Improve Subscriber Experience Over Any Network

Whether it’s delivered via 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi, users expect mobile data speeds to be fast and the experience to be hassle-free. To meet these expectations, MNOs and Cable/MSOs must gain visibility and control over every aspect of the subscriber experience. It's time to provide a real-time, device-based approach to QoS management and give subscribers every reason to love your service.

Optimize Your Quality of Experience on Every Network

People take their smartphones everywhere... and expect to use them everywhere. Whether you’re an MNO, MVNO or a Cable/MSO, your subscribers demand a seamless experience across any network. But can you accurately measure Quality of Service (QoS) across all those networks? Can you positively impact the subscriber experience based on those metrics? Only a network-agnostic on-device client provides the real-time control and visibility needed to provide the best user experience, anywhere.

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How Are You Handling the Mobile Data Explosion?

Mobile data usage continues to explode making strategic network traffic management even more important. However, merely dumping your subscribers onto partner Wi-Fi networks with little or no knowledge of Quality of Service (QoS) is risky. The only way you can make sure that QoS is high and your customers’ experience will be exceptional is through a policy-on-device based approach to traffic management. Explore this and other important topics in this exclusive webinar, Extending Network Policy to the Device.

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The Intelligence to Be "Always Right Connected"

There’s more to intelligent connectivity than dumping traffic onto Wi-Fi. A “one size fits all” approach to connection policies won’t maximize your network ROI, or deliver the experience each customer is paying for. Whether your traffic management needs are based on network quality, subscriber data plan, least-cost routing, or some combination, you need a policy-on-device client with the flexibility and smarts to ensure subscribers get the right network experience while you achieve your business goals.

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Take Advantage of Contextual Mobile Engagement

Mobile devices are incredibly personal, but most mobile engagement is not. Embedding an intelligent rules engine into your mobile app or directly onto each customer device will enable you to engage with your customers when it makes the most sense. Learn more about the value of contextual mobile engagement through this short demonstration video. Then explore other benefits for Service Providers.

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Optimize Wi-Fi with Intelligent Management

Thanks to the ubiquity of Wi-Fi, traffic offload options abound and the deliver of tiered subscription models has never been more cost effective. But Wi-Fi will only work for your business if it “works” for your customers. Challenges related to credential provisioning and user onboarding will diminish the value of Wi-Fi if they are not addressed intelligently and proactively. By enabling streamlined onboarding and automated provisioning and deprovisioning of credentials, NetWise® Passport will optimize Wi-Fi for your business and your subscribers. Explore our NetWise Passport datasheet for more detail.

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