Take Control of Your Customer's In-Store Journey

Enhance your customer's experience and provide a connected customer journey by combining interactive dynamic pricing, digital content management, and real-time data analytics, for a comprehensive retail display management (RDM) solution.

In-Store Marketing that Connects with Customers

Interact and engage with your customers. Incorporate calls-to-action (C2A) in your demo loops and encourage customers to sign up for more information, follow you on social channels, and more.

Content Management Control

Provide targeted information to the right people and deliver faster, smarter results

Customized Messaging

Customized Messaging
Increase conversions and reduce the sales cycle by optimizing content and delivering the information customers are seeking


Dynamic Digital Pricing
Ensure pricing compliance through dynamic digital price tags, eliminating the lag time and human error associated with printed labels, and launching store/region-specific pricing promotions

Takeover Moments

Takeover Moments
Create storewide promotional events and captivate consumers with an engaging experience


Attract Loop
Attract customers to view devices with ViewSpot’s Attract Loop where the demo loop plays on repeat until a customer interacts with the device

Safe&Secure Experience

Safe & Secure Experience
Automatic device refresh to remove pictures, browsing history, SMS, and more


Comparison Tool – Downsize the number of devices in the store by comparing current device in hand to other device models

Business Intelligence & Operational Controls

View actionable insights to stay ahead of the competition, increase operational efficiencies, and drive strategic business decisions with in-store analytics. Identify and quickly resolve operational issues with head office control and detailed dashboards.
Consumer insights

Access customer interactions, frequency and duration to understand the customer journey and eliminate low-engagement campaigns.

Operational controls

Manage device diagnostics and resolve potential issues before they escalate and trigger alarms such as battery life, online/offline status, and more.

Business Intelligence
Business intelligence

Compare geographical/store level performance metrics, including several performance dashboards, and identify areas in need of improvement.

Loss prevention

Add an additional layer of security to existing systems, including alarm triggers for Power, Headphone, and SIM card removal.

Ready to present attractive, branded marketing campaigns on your in-store devices? We’ll help you get started.

Ready to present attractive, branded marketing campaigns on your in-store devices? We’ll help you get started.