SafePath Home

SafePath Home | A Cloud Managed Router Agent

Smart Security for Your Home Network

SafePath Home is a cloud managed router agent that automatically secures connected devices for complete network protection, parental controls and remote monitoring control with one easy-to-use app. 

Grow With Your Connected Family

The average family has over 12 devices connected to the internet today…and that number is expected to double in 2020. From smartphones, to non-cellular devices, such as gaming systems, SafePath Home enables you to manage all of your family’s connected devices, wherever they are, and wherever their devices go!

Protection, Detection, and Correction

SafePath Home protects your WIFI network with an AI engine that is consistently learning and adapting to new threats such as phishing attacks or computer viruses. The software not only detects the attack, but enables families to quarantine and isolate the device from the home network so it doesn’t cause damage to additional devices.

SafePath Home

Robust Parental Controls

Protect your family digital life with parental controls and real-time alerts.

Control internet usage

Control and monitor Internet usage – Pause the Internet, create time limits, view browsing histories (even if they are deleted), and block inappropriate websites.

App Control

App Control – Manage online access to popular apps like Fortnite, Snapchat, and YouTube, and set age-level restrictions for each device.

Homeworl and Bedtime schedule

Homework/Bedtime schedule – Control screen time and set homework and bedtime schedules to pause the Internet to your children's devices during these times.

Filter content with CrowdRanking

Filter content with CrowdRanking™ – Restrict inappropriate websites and filter content through a database of over 1 million blocked sites.


Remote access – Monitor and control your home network with your smartphone, even when you're not home. Receive real-time alerts through the app about parental control violations, potential vulnerabilities, and new connected devices

In-Home Network Protection &
Security Management

Use your existing router
Use your existing router

SafePath Home can be integrated into any number of current routers

Malware Intrusion Detection
Malware and intrusion detection

Block attacks at the router level with security features enhanced through machine learning

Mesh network management

View, manage, and configure the latest mesh WiFi connectivity for optimal Internet speeds

Device Fingerprinting
Device fingerprinting

Monitor all devices connected to your home network and categorize by user and type

Automatic software updates

Keep your software and security current with automatic updates to your WiFi router

Home network security

Most current protection through constant updates from the latest threat database

Let us help you address the digital lifestyle challenges of your subscribers with our easy-to-use solution.

Let us help you address the digital lifestyle challenges of your subscribers with our easy-to-use solution.