Use Your Influence to Earn Money While Making a Difference

Smith Micro is a leading expert on digital family lifestyle and designs apps that help families protect themselves in the real and digital world. We power solutions for some of the biggest mobile brands so they can provide reliable and innovative digital parenting tools to their subscribers. Help us get the word out on why families need this app!

Why You Want to Join Us

Mobile network providers use our SafePath® platform to offer digital parenting solutions that are available for all family member phones or tablets.

The app is branded and marketed to their subscribers as a solution that covers a wide array of life stages and situations. Be an active part of helping families navigate an increasingly challenging digital and physical world to keep their family members safe.

What's In It for You

Make Money

Promote the app to families and earn money when they sign up. It’s that simple. The more you can promote it through your channels and to your followers, the more money you can earn.

Help Build Healthy Digital Habits for Kids

When kids learn early about online threats and managing their online behavior, they begin to build a lifestyle of healthy digital habits that can last a lifetime. Recommending the app shows your followers how you value being a part of this type of solution.

Do Good by Keeping Families Safe

Our app can help families locate each other, get alerts, filter and block content, monitor and limit screen time, and so much more. Feel good about supporting safe families among your followers.

Ready to Join Us?

Simply click on the button that best describes your role and you can easily sign up to be part of our Partner Marketing Program.


I want to keep kids and families safe and can be best described as an Affiliate or Influencer*

* Program is currently available in the U.S. only.


I am an employee of a participating authorized retailer and want to help keep kids and families safe