Our Company

We are 40 years strong and have been a recognized authority in the mobile industry in providing highly scalable mobile applications and value-added solutions for mobile and cable operators around the globe.

The key to our success is our customers, our solutions and our people.

Our customers know us as a trusted and innovative partner allowing us to work with device OEMs, chipset manufacturers and all OS platforms on behalf of leading Tier 1 operators.

Our white-labeled solutions are developed from yesterday’s experiences while addressing today’s needs and challenges, with an eye toward tomorrow’s requirements.

And with millions of devices worldwide that are currently using Smith Micro applications, we continue to demonstrate ongoing leadership that mobile and cable operators can depend on.

We have spent 40 years perfecting how to provide proven solutions for today’s connected world.  When your business needs a partner to conquer wireless and mobility challenges, consider the benefits of working with an industry vanguard.

Our Solutions

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Our History

In its 40 years, Smith Micro has honed deep expertise in embedded software for networked devices, policy-based management platforms, and highly scalable mobile applications and hosted services.

Founded in 1982, Smith Micro’s humble beginnings included its first product, Stock Portfolio System, a solution for downloading stock quotes using an analog modem. As the burgeoning field of remote connectivity grew, Smith Micro introduced its QuickLink® remote connectivity software solution. As fax modems became pervasive, so did QuickLink among modem vendors such as IBM, AT&T, Motorola, Hayes and US Robotics while Smith Micro became one of the leading names in fax and modem connectivity.

By the late ‘90s, dial-up internet access was being replaced by higher speed cable, DSL and wireless broadband Internet technologies. Smith Micro responded by re-applying its network connection expertise to new wireless and mobility applications including its first large-scale mobile network deployment of QuickLink Mobile with Verizon Wireless in 2001.

Through a series of engineering advances as well as over twenty acquisitions accelerating the growth of the business, Smith Micro continues to recognize and respond to the growing importance of our digitally connected world in offering solutions to mobile network operators and other businesses worldwide. Today, Smith Micro fulfills its mission and the needs of its customers with sustainable, scalable platforms that monetize everyday consumer needs and behavior.