SafePath Family

Digital Parenting

SafePath® Family is the most comprehensive, carrier-grade family safety app available providing powerful and easy-to-use mobile and web tools to keep family members safe at all times.

Digital Parenting

Introducing SafePath 6.0

Explore the enhanced features of SafePath 6.0 that make it easier and more convenient to offer robust safety solutions to mobile and cable service providers.

Location Tracking & Parental Controls Made Easy

Your Family at a glance – GPS location, alerts, requests, and quick-actions all immediately available from a simple-to-use app.


Family Location - Locate family members in real time using your smartphone app or the web


Geo-Fencing - Create virtual fences around defined places, such as home or school and receive notifications when family members enter or leave the areas


Press Pause - Hit pause on all the children’s devices with a single button when it’s dinner time, study time or night time


Check-Ins - Send location notifcations to family members to let others know where you are

Fall Detection

Pick Ups - Send requests to family members to be picked up ASAP or schedule a future pick-up time


Family Alerts - Family members easily send an emergency alert with their location to everyone else

Parental Controls

Manage what children do on their smartphones with Application Management and Web Filtering.

Parental Controls

Protection Services

The best solution to give families the needed peace of mind


Keep an eye on your kids even when you're far away. Track their location and know they made it to their destination safely.

Senior Care

Remove the distance between you and your fiercely independent parents or older relatives and know they are safe and active with SafePath tools including location tracking.

Special Needs

Ensure your special-needs family members are kept from harm's way. Prevent family members from wandering off with virtual fences and location services.

Phone Security

Find, Ring, Lock and Wipe any family phone if lost or stolen.

Let us help you address the digital lifestyle challenges of your subscribers with our easy-to-use solution.

Let us help you address the digital lifestyle challenges of your subscribers with our easy-to-use solution.