Wi-Fi Usage Survey Results

Smartphone Users Sound Off On Wi-Fi

Performance, Cost, and Ease-of-Use Are Driving Factors

A recent survey of smartphone Wi-Fi usage patterns among U.S. consumers produced some interesting results:

  • 90% of smartphone owners would use Wi-Fi more often if they knew they could get better data performance
  • 95% would allow a service provider to install software on their phones that automatically connects them to Wi-Fi
  • 97% of Wi-Fi only tablet users would connect to Wi-Fi using their smartphone hotspot feature if it was easy to do (with the majority of those users willing to pay for the service)

The survey, conducted by uSamp on behalf of Smith Micro, polled more than 500 consumers across the US regarding their smartphone Wi-Fi usage patterns and preferences. The infographic below provides a summary of the survey results.

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Mobile WiFi Infographic