The Case for ANDSF: Where Operators Can Find Value

ANDSF Whitepaper Series Front Cover Part 3There has been a rapid increase in interest to improve cellular to Wi-Fi interoperability – not just from mobile operators, but also from cable operators, fixed line operators and enterprises. The interest is truly global as organizations in every region are developing strategies to leverage Wi-Fi for a variety of reasons, including network congestion relief, improved in-building coverage, and the ability to offer lower cost wireless service plans.

However, in order to achieve true seamless interoperability across heterogeneous networks from any provider, the industry needs to resolve challenges associated with connectivity, authentication, session persistence and traffic management. This is the objective of several emerging industry standards, including a set being developed by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) known as Access Network Discovery and Selection Function, or ANDSF.

This three-part whitepaper series will address how ANDSF can help wireless service providers augment network capacity and extend services across heterogeneous networks through policy-based management of mobile device connectivity.

  • Part 1 - Provides a primer on the ANDSF standard itself with a brief overview of stakeholder value and comparisons to related interoperability standards.
  • Part 2 - Here we dive into the details of ANDSF, identify best practices for selecting among the options offered by it, and highlight recommendations for handling gaps that are outside the scope of ANDSF.
  • Part 3 - The final part of this series covers advanced use cases of ANDSF that can open new opportunities for increased monetization of wireless services and more efficient utilization of network resources by using intelligent rules provisioning and execution capabilities on the mobile device and network policy server.

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