NetWise Optics

To deliver the best Quality of Experience, it is necessary to understand wireless service quality from the subscriber’s perspective. A key component of the NetWise® policy-on-device platform, the NetWise® Optics mobile analytics solution helps MNOs/MVNOs and Cable/MSOs to uncover performance blind spots and optimize Wi-Fi and cellular network quality for their subscribers.

QoE from the User’s Perspective

The NetWise Optics device agent is available as an SDK and can be easily added to any host app. It supports Android, iOS, Windows and Mac OSX operating systems. The NetWise Optics server is a cloud-based management system that collects analytics data from the device agent, including usage and QoS metrics across 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi networks. Administrators can remotely manage data collection policies via the management server, as well as explore data sets with easy-to-use reporting dashboards as part of the premium analytics reporting service*.

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* requires additional investment

Comprehensive Data Collection Parameters

  • Collect data across more than 100 different parameters in 7 categories
  • Categories include Device, Radio, Data Usage, Network Performance and Coverage, Location, Applications and Power

Data-driven Competitive Insights and Network Planning

  • Obtain performance insights for home and office networks, as well as competitive insights when a user roams to a competitive mobile network
  • Deploy Wi-Fi networks with confidence by knowing exactly where your customers use the most mobile data

Premium Reporting Service

  • Premium reporting services available for additional charge
  • 40+ different reports in 7 categories available with premium reporting service
  • Categories include:
    • Wi-Fi Performance Report
    • Geospatial Insights
    • User & Device Profiles
    • Mobile Data Consumption Habits
    • Network Development Opportunities
    • Application/Service Insight
  • Supports Custom/Ad-Hoc Reporting

Data Usage Trends and User Segmentation

  • Monitor how data usage evolves over time for different geographies and network types
  • Segment users by device type, network usage patterns and application preferences

Flexible and Remote Parameter Management

  • All analytics parameters collected by the NetWise Optics agent are controllable via Over-the-Air policy
  • Parameters can be turned on/off individually, allowing easy change of analytics collection capabilities independent of app upgrade cycle
  • Policies can be defined for groups of devices or subscribers based on device type, user opt-in, geography, etc.
  • Data can also be anonymized to protect personal information.

Streamlined SDK Integration

  • The lightweight cross-platform agent, in SDK format, easily embeds in the host app, requiring less than one-day integration effort by an experienced developer.
  • Seamless operation with other NetWise components, such as NetWise Director and NetWise Passport
  • Integration is turn-key and fire-and-forget; once SDK is installed it is managed completely independently of the host app
  • Detailed support provided to host app developers
  • Analytics data can be exported to other Big Data warehouses