Smith Micro Resource Library

We have an extensive set of resources to help educate and inform you on the rapidly evolving mobile market. Through white papers, webinars, videos and so much more, Smith Micro can help you make sense of it all.

Below is a sampling of resources that best pertain to the IoT and for OEMs. Please be sure to visit the Service Provider section for additional relevant resources.


Datasheet: QuickLink IoT Intelligence Platform

Enhance the value of your IoT project by bringing intelligence from the cloud to each edge device. With Fog architecture and node-based business logic, QuickLink® IoT enables near real-time action on the valuable business intelligence gained from in-field IoT devices.

Datasheet: OMA-DM Carrier Certification Solution

In the hyper-competitive wireless industry, time isn’t a luxury afforded to mobile device manufacturers. Obtaining carrier compliance to the Open Mobile Alliance’s Device Management (OMA-DM) protocol can slow time-to-market considerably. Learn how Smith Micro’s OMA-DM client is a proven solution with certification from some of the world’s leading wireless carriers.

Whitepaper Series: The Case for ANDSF – Where Operators Can Find Value

There has been a rapid increase in interest to improve cellular to Wi-Fi interoperability – not just from mobile operators, but also from cable operators, fixed line operators and enterprises. This three-part whitepaper series will address how ANDSF can help wireless service providers augment network capacity and extend services across heterogeneous networks through policy-based management of mobile device connectivity.