Whitepaper: Smarter Mobile Engagement Strategies for Retailers


As the most intimate technology ever to permeate the global market, the smartphone is game-changing in its ability to address users’ increasingly high expectations for convenience, personalization and “on demand” services. Unfortunately, current mobile marketing and engagement tactics fail to bridge the gap between what consumers want and what retailers provide. Even though a whopping 75% of today’s shoppers use their smartphone while shopping in store, the vast majority of retailers still don’t employ real-time in-store promotions and other mobile conveniences desired by consumers.

The always-on, always nearby nature of smartphones also presents retailers and brands with unprecedented opportunities to proactively engage users outside of the physical store, increasing brand awareness and driving traffic to both digital and in-store transactions. To capitalize on this opportunity, mobile interactions must be timely, highly relevant, and contextually sensitive.

This whitepaper explores several intriguing use cases that illustrate how retailers can use the unique capabilities of smartphones to deliver contextually relevant engagement and create a more appealing shopping environment for their customers.

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