Whitepaper: Smarter Mobile Engagement for Financial and Banking Institutions

As banking customers increasingly rely on ATMs and digital channels to perform routine banking transactions, the relevance of physical bank branches has greatly diminished. This migration has led to fewer opportunities for banks to nurture customer relationships and promote value-added services.

Not only that, financial products and services play a critical role in complex life decisions, including investments, retirement and estate planning, insurance, and major purchases such as cars and homes. Given the serious nature of these transactions, and the time required for research and analysis by consumers, banks must walk a fine line to make customers aware of their options while not coming across as pushy or sporadic.

This paper addresses these and other challenges with a unique approach to:

  • Capitalize on the rapid growth of smartphone adoption
  • Replace branch interactions with personalized, mobile interactions
  • Help cultivate relationships and increase customer quality of service

The paper will illustrate several use cases where you can improve mobile targeting, enhance the branch experience, and drive awareness and value for financial brands.

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