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Explosive Mobile Engagement: "Go Native"

Explosive Mobile Engagement: 'Go Native'The proliferation of smartphones, geofencing, indoor location and analytics has transformed the meaning of "native" for mobile marketers, app developers and consumers.

"Native" used to mean a reliance on Facebook and Google for in-stream ads that seem like organic content. It now refers to the use of on-device, local intelligence to get beyond the beacon to understand the context of a mobile user's interactions.

Native control of functionality makes apps more popular with customers. It spells the difference between single-digit usage and delivers the full potential of personalized mobile marketing.

Understanding the power of "Going Native" is essential for:

  • Mobile Marketing Professionals
  • Mobile App Developers - both independent and brand-based
  • Retailers implementing indoor location-based marketing strategies
  • Mobile customer experience professionals

In this exclusive webinar, Opus Research and executives from Smith Micro discuss the impact of a native device experience on mobile marketing.

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