The Race to Understand the In-Store Customer Journey


The Race to Understand the In-Store Customer Journey

October 15, 2019

Mobile Network Operators everywhere are racing to understand the customer’s in-store journey and how they can capture attention. With the average customer having an attention span of only eight seconds, MNOs must be agile and engaging if they want to transform browsers into buyers. So what exactly is a customer journey and how can you understand it? Let’s take a closer look.

What Is the In-Store Customer Journey?

Think about the path a customer takes when they enter one of your stores. Which products are they interacting with the most? Are the finding what they need quickly and easily? When they leave, did they get what they came in for or did they leave frustrated and unhappy? These questions all relate back to the experience your customer had while in your store. It is this experience that creates the journey.

Why Does In-Store Customer Experience Matter?

As a MNO, it is very important to make sure your customers are happy and that their experience with you is seamless and engaging. By understanding the way your customer interacts with your store, you can remove any obstacles that might make their experience unpleasant or boring. Additionally, creating a better experience for your customer also leads to an increased ROI for you. Don’t believe us? Here’s what Adobe CMO has to say about the benefits of understanding the customer journey.

  • 54% greater return on marketing spend.
  • 24% more positive mentions on social media channels.
  • 18 times faster sales cycle.
  • 3.5 times greater revenue from referrals.

How can MNOs Take Control of the In-Store Customer Journey?

The answer is ViewSpot®. ViewSpot is Smith Micro’s proven display management platform that empowers Mobile Network Operators with a suite of features designed to engage the customer while providing valuable insights into their in-store journey.

Here are just a few of ViewSpot’s features:

  • Dynamic, Branded Content.
  • Seamless Connected Device Management.
  • Dynamic Pricing Cards & Portal.
  • Device Health Monitoring.
  • Advanced Device Security.

ViewSpot addresses the needs of modern retailers and their customers. ViewSpot is a proven solution with an audience of over 120 million. If you’re ready to take control of your customer’s journey, schedule a demo or contact us today.