Breathe New Life Into Voicemail


Breathe New Life Into Voicemail

October 7, 2019

Traditional carrier voicemail has been declining in popularity and desirability over the last several years, which has pushed consumers to over-the-top (OTT) applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat.  As a result, profitability for mobile network operators may be impacted causing them to investigate new ways to revitalize a legacy service and reach today’s tech savvy consumer. According to Juniper Research, combined revenues for voice and SMS services are expected to decrease by $50 billion over the next five years. If that’s true, then what is the “Next Big Thing” in messaging?

OTT App Use is Growing


Monthly Active Users

From a consumer perspective, listening to voicemail is not a simple or engaging process. OTT app developers have realized this and stepped in to fill the void left by the lack of innovation in regards to user experience. Voicemail as originally designed is out of touch with the immediacy and flexibility desired by today’s user.

Voicemail users aren’t the only ones feeling the pain from this shift in consumer sentiment and the rise of OTT apps. Mobile Network Operators feel this pressure too. Management of voice services can be difficult due to rising costs, unpredictable maintenance issues, and an overall lack of agility. MNOs need a solution that offers what people want and need, while still optimizing revenue and performance of their voice messaging products.

Transform Voice Services into a Profit Center

This is where CommSuite® rises to the challenge. CommSuite is our next generation voice messaging platform and it is poised to help you, the MNO, make voice profitable while also making it engaging again for customers.  Our ultimate mission is to provide a best in class user experience for consumers and businesses while becoming the voice messaging platform of choice for all mobile carriers. But how exactly will CommSuite accomplish this?

  • CommSuite is less expensive than traditional services and offers revenue bolstering through in-app advertising.
  • CommSuite supports multiple users with features such as voice assistant integration and chat support. In other words, CommSuite delivers what today’s customer wants.
  • CommSuite helps build your product portfolio by offering freemium plans through valued added services.
  • CommSuite delivers the most innovative and optimal experience for the end customer without requiring the MNO to carry the burden of cost,  deliverables, and vendor management.
  • CommSuite is the go-to service layer between the network and VAS.

Delight Your Subscribers with Convenient Voicemail Services

Today’s mobile consumers are fickle and have no time for delays or complicated processes. Forcing users to interact with a system that requires dialing in, listening to instructions and then managing messages one-by-one can dramatically impact your acquisition and retention efforts. Thankfully, CommSuite has that covered too. 

CommSuite makes voice easy and enjoyable again with features customers actually want. 

  • Users can quickly and easily manage voice messages through their favorite Alexa or Google Assistant smart device. They want it; they simply ask for it.
  • Users can intuitively search and sort messages with custom folders, message classification, and more.  This way they can pay attention to the calls they want while moving less important or spam calls out of the way.
  • Users can save time and decrease disruption with features such as quick reply, importance flags, notes, video message reply, add to calendar, and more. 
  • CommSuite is Your Way. Every Way. Everywhere.

If revitalizing your revenue streams, engaging your customers, and attracting new customers sounds on target, then CommSuite is ready to breathe new life (and new profits) into your voice messaging solutions. Take a tour of our CommSuite line of products or schedule a demo today!