Smith Micro Introduces New Affiliate Influencer and Retail Ambassador Marketing Programs for Promotion of its SafePath®-Based Solutions


Smith Micro Introduces New Affiliate Influencer and Retail Ambassador Marketing Programs for Promotion of its SafePath®-Based Solutions

May 8, 2024

PITTSBURGH, PA, May 8, 2024 – Smith Micro Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: SMSI) today announced two new marketing programs to help drive subscriber growth of mobile operators’ SafePath-based solutions.  The Company has launched its affiliate/influencer program, which will leverage affiliate and influencer marketing to reach consumers, spread awareness of the value of these solutions for families, and drive subscriber growth.  In addition, the Company will soon launch a new retail store ambassador marketing program, which will create new opportunities to incentivize retail stores of partner brands to promote the solution and help more families with in-store signup for new subscriptions.    

“We are extremely excited to offer new and innovative ways to build awareness of and to promote SafePath-based solutions to gain further market penetration and subscriber growth,” said Charles Messman, vice president of marketing at Smith Micro. “Through our affiliate/influencer program, we will be able to manage the affiliate and influencer relationships for our mobile operator partners by providing a turnkey program that promotes their white-label SafePath offerings, reaching consumers who want family safety solutions.  Additionally, the ambassador program will present a unique way to incentivize in-store teams to promote our carrier partner’s family safety solution to drive subscription growth as consumers are conducting transactions in retail stores.  We believe that making family safety solutions accessible is more important than ever as families navigate the challenges of the physical and digital world.” 

Participation in the affiliate/influencer program allows brands and creators to promote a selected brand’s family safety products to their network through their channels and be compensated based on defined success criteria, such as when a user signs up for the product.  The program draws on the strength and authenticity of their voice in the important discussions surrounding physical and digital family safety to inspire families to subscribe to the promoted solutions to keep their families safe and build a healthy digital lifestyle. Similarly, with the ambassador program, participating authorized reseller partners and corporate-owned retail stores will be able to promote the family safety application of the brand they sell in their retail footprint and be compensated for successful app signups.  The terms of participation and compensation under each program will be defined in each case at the time of enrollment.

“These programs usher in a new era of marketing for the SafePath-based solutions of our carrier partners,” Messman continued. “We recognize that many consumers begin their product journeys online, with recommendations from recognized and authentic online content providers often spreading awareness of available solutions and influencing purchase decisions.   We believe our new affiliate/influencer marketing program leverages this powerful avenue to reach more consumers, and that our ambassador program offers a key opportunity to bring product promotion directly to consumers in stores.  With these programs, we believe we will open the door to new ways to market our white-label SafePath solutions and demonstrate to consumers how our solutions serve the needs of today’s families.”

About SafePath® 

The SafePath platform, comprised of SafePath Family™, SafePath IoT™, SafePath Home™, SafePath Drive™, SafePath Premium™, SafePath OS™ and SafePath Global™ provides comprehensive and easy-to-use tools to protect digital lifestyles and manage connected devices through a single app. As a carrier-grade, white-label solution, SafePath empowers wireless service providers and cable operators to bring to market full-featured, on-brand family safety solutions that provide in-demand services such as location, parental controls, screen time management and driver monitoring to mobile subscribers. Delivered to end users as value-added services, SafePath-based solutions activate new revenue opportunities for service providers while helping to increase brand affinity and reduce subscriber churn. Learn more at

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