Smith Micro Expands CommSuite® Voice Messaging Solutions Platform


Smith Micro Expands CommSuite® Voice Messaging Solutions Platform

February 21, 2019

ALISO VIEJO, CA, February 21, 2019 – Smith Micro Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: SMSI) (“Smith Micro” or the “Company”) today announced a series of innovative enhancements to its industry leading CommSuite® voice messaging platform.  These new features will enhance the digital lifestyles of mobile consumers, giving them even more options to access and manage their voice initiated connections from anywhere.

CommSuite is a comprehensive platform that provides a reliable and contemporary way for carriers and mobile users to ensure their voice messages are both heard and seen.  Its robust voice messaging ecosystem allows users to access their voice-initiated messages in a variety of modern and convenient ways.

The CommSuite platform now includes:

  • CommSuite Voice: Client-based voicemail app that provides Visual-Voice-Mail (VVM) and Voice-To-Text (VTT) services that can boost subscriber satisfaction while generating new revenue streams by offering innovative features such as “add to calendar,” “send short automated reply,” “create custom folder,” and “play message from inbox.”
  • CommSuite Anywhere: A clientless solution that works on any smartphone and enables users to receive and respond to voicemail messages from any device at any time.This solution also recognizes new generation users’ preference to receive messages as SMS/MMS.
  • CommSuite Cloud: A customizable and scalable solution that provides Voice Assistant, enabling users to listen to their messages without a phone through market-leading voice assisted devices, as well as Context, which categorizes voicemails into custom folders, allowing users to distinguish between spam and other unwanted calls so they can easily receive the calls most important to them.

“The expansion of our CommSuite platform offers Mobile Operators new and innovative ways for their customers to receive and view voice messages in an ever-changing mobile world,” said William W. Smith, Jr., President and CEO of Smith Micro Software. “These enhancements allow for increased flexibility and value while engaging the next generation of users so voice messaging is compatible with their digital lifestyle. You can look forward to greater expansion of functionality and capabilities for CommSuite in 2019.” 

The new CommSuite platform also provides carriers with benefits such as:

  • Analytics to enhance adoption and retention rates
  • Streamlined billing integration
  • The ability to continue monetizing a legacy service through a lightweight platform with robust features

The CommSuite platform’s newest solutions modernize voicemail and push the experience beyond the current app by fitting into the flow of the new connected lifestyle of today’s consumer. By considering what the next generation of users want and expect from voice message services, CommSuite has evolved into the next generation of voice messaging.

For further information, please visit: CommSuite Product Suite

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