Service Provider Solutions

Service Provider

Solutions for Mobile Network Operators and MVNOs including intelligent connectivity and policy management, device-based analytics, and advanced messaging services.

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Cable MSO Solutions

Cable MSO

Ensure the best Wi-Fi connectivity experience, including network discovery and auto-authentication, advanced connection management and analytics/reporting.

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IoT and M2M Solutions


Efficient and cost-effective solutions that accelerate device deployment and reduce maintenance costs with software/firmware update functions and over-the-air configuration.

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Financial Services and Banking Solutions

Financial Services

Mobile solutions for banks and financial services to take their product offerings and customer service to the next level through context detection and personalization.

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Hospitality Solutions


Solutions to boost usage of onsite amenities and monetize existing services through mobile analytics, personalized engagement, and adaptive video streaming to any device.

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Retail Solutions


Mobile solutions that complement in-store shopping behaviors and help retailers to deliver memorable and desirable shopping experiences.

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Enterprise Solutions


Helping enterprises get the most of out of mobile by enabling new and improved customer-facing services, personalized mobile engagement, and secure connectivity. 

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OEM Solutions


Proven development solutions that enable manufacturers to bring standards-compliant products to market quicker and reduce future device support costs with flexible management capabilities.

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Graphics Solutions


Award winning 2D/3D graphics and animation solutions as well as compression software for professional artists, students and hobbyists.

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  • Measuring the Success of your Wi-Fi Strategy

    The situation is this: traditional network monitoring techniques, which measure performance at the network access point (AP), fail to provide the visibility communication service providers (CSPs) require to effectively manage Quality of Experience (QoE) on Wi-Fi networks. As Wi-Fi now comprises a majority of mobile users’ connected experience, it is vital for CSPs to utilize tools designed to measure and manage QoE on these unlicensed networks.

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  • Multi Channel Merchant: Redefining Mobile Engagement in 3 Steps

    Eight years ago, I didn’t think I’d be one of “those people” who sleep with their phones beside their beds. I used to wake to an alarm clock, wear a watch to keep track of time, order coffee from a person, track my runs with a Garmin, and hail a cab by waiving my arm in the street…no longer. All of this – and much more – has been replaced by my smartphone.

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  • Uncover Network Blind Spots With Device-Based QoS Analytics

    Webinar Recording - Uncover Network Blind SpotsQuality of Service (QoS) is critical to attracting and retaining customers, which means communications service providers (CSPs) can't afford "blind spots" when managing network QoS. To gain a complete understanding of subscriber experience across all networks, a device-based approach to QoS monitoring is critical. 

    In this webinar, Heavy Reading analyst Dan O'Shea and experts from Smith Micro discuss how a device-based analytics approach can benefit CSPs by improving the subscriber experience.

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Innovative Solutions for your mobile challenges

Understanding and improving Quality of Experience (QoE) for your customers requires you to see performance through their eyes.  

Supplement your network-based performance monitors with device-based analytics that show you the customer’s perspective on connection quality, throughput, and many other metrics.  Gain greater visibility into each user’s experience across every wireless network, not just yours.

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Your customers want fast, safe, easy access to Wi-Fi. Are your hotspots easy to locate, with secure, simple sign-on?

Attract and keep users on your Wi-Fi network with intelligent Wi-Fi promotion, easy-to-use visual maps with offline availability, and streamlined auto-authentication methods to remove all unnecessary friction from the Wi-Fi onboarding process.

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Nobody wants spam on their mobile phones. To truly add value through mobile engagement, it must be relevant, timely and tailored to customer preferences.

Using an intelligent device agent in your mobile app provides rich context detection and key insights that let you build more personalized - and more valuable - customer relationships.

Personalize the Mobile Experience »

Mobile users love messaging apps because they offer convenient communication with a personalized touch.

Now there’s much more to personal expression than emojis! With Avatar messaging, users can create and share voice messages with animated characters that truly represent their personality or mood.

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The Internet of Things is the modern “Wild West” with every conceivable type of device getting connected, and not many standards in place to make managing those devices easy.

By combining the OMA LWM2M management object model with the ability to update software and firmware over-the-air (FOTA), enterprises can manage large-scale IoT deployments in a cost-effective manner.

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Streaming high-quality video content to TVs, tablets and smartphones isn’t a trivial task. The complexities of different video formats, device capabilities, and Digital Rights Management needs make video delivery challenging.

But now, with one server, you can deliver live TV or rights-protected video-on-demand, to your customers and guests, on any device.

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