Mobile App Marketing – Three Proven User Acquisition Tactics


Mobile App Marketing – Three Proven User Acquisition Tactics

April 15, 2021

Getting eyes on your app – and keeping them there – is a difficult task. With millions of options available on both Google Play and the Apple App Store, getting your app to stand out can be challenging, to say the least. As we discussed in our last mobile strategy blog, app aesthetics – or the “look and feel” of your mobile app – plays a major role in grabbing the attention of a potential new user. But there’s more than just icon design, useful app screenshots, and app store page layout to mobile user acquisition.

Sound aesthetics must be combined with an integrated outbound marketing approach to truly make a difference to the bottom line of any mobile app developer. This post will discuss three user acquisition tactics that we’ve seen success with in working with our wireless carrier customers on app marketing campaigns. The last tactic may seem a bit dated (or from another era of technology) but it’s actually one of the most effective ways wireless carriers can generate user interest (and mobile app downloads). Read on to learn more.

Why an App Explainer Video Is a Must 

User acquisition success starts with a strong app explainer video. It’s a sign of the times that video is a necessary component of any marketing strategy. Mobile apps are no different. Researchers have examined user behavior, and the data is clear: 

  • A full 96 percent of consumers agree that videos play an important role in their purchase decisions 
  • Almost 75 percent say they are more likely to make a purchase when they can preview features through explainer videos 

Those figures aren’t just for general online shopping – app users consider explainer videos a must. In fact, researchers determined that once consumers click on these videos, the retention rate is nearly 80 percent.  

The best app explainer videos are short – one minute or less – and they seek to entertain. A skilled mobile app marketing team can put together an overview of features, functionality, and competitive advantages that persuades users your app is a step ahead of your competition.

Creating an Effective Targeted Paid Advertising Campaign

Promote your app to your user base with a targeted paid advertising campaign. Social media platforms are a great way to generate interest from qualified consumers. You can choose the demographics that will see your marketing material, and options are highly specific – you can select categories based on everything from age to hobbies and interests. 

The material you will put in front of your target audience is your app explainer video. When you have created a short, engaging video that piques users’ interest, they will click through to your app page for more details – and hopefully to download. Keep in mind that your ads will include a link to the app store, so you may wish to set up separate iOS and Android campaigns.

Remember, you don’t have to invest in costly long-term paid advertising. Even a short burst of downloads will improve your ranking and drive organic growth. When that starts to taper off, you can repeat the cycle. Digital advertising tactics for mobile app user acquisition are discussed in greater detail in this post: How to Build App Awareness and Drive App Installs.

Mobile App User Acquisition with SMS Messaging 

Wireless carriers have a marked advantage over OTT competitors in terms of available mobile app marketing tactics thanks to subscriber-specific information such as mobile phone number and email address. Sending a specific group of subscribers a targeted SMS message that promotes the value/functionality of your mobile app is a great way to drive traffic to your app page and/or explainer video. When combined with a complementary digital advertising campaign promoting your app and other user acquisition tactics such as limited-time free trials, SMS campaigns are even more effective.

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