Value Added Services Create Sticky Relationships with Subscribers


Value Added Services Create Sticky Relationships with Subscribers

May 27, 2020

It’s no secret nowadays that mobile providers and wireless retailers are facing challenges when it comes to getting and keeping the attention of their customers.  They also need to create meaningful and consistent connections, all while remaining competitive with the mobile, retail, and online experiences they offer consumers. The key to success in today’s digitally-driven and increasingly competitive world is cutting through the clutter so you can create the experiences and connections your customers want and are willing to pay for.

Savvy Mobile Subscribers Know What They Want

It’s a widespread perception that our attention spans have contracted steadily in the last 15 years or so with the rise of the smartphone and social media. But, there’s a conflicting train of thought out there that is gaining traction. Perhaps, rather than contracting, our attention spans are getting better at focusing on what matters most? Put another way, with all the extra stimuli and information in our daily lives, our attention spans have adapted and evolved to function more effectively. Recent surveys have shown that this process is improving our collective ability to absorb and retain the content and experiences we want to take part in and filtering out those we don’t. 

When it comes to brand messaging, everyone is overloaded and over-stimulated.  We are bombarded by messaging and offers from almost all brands on every platform available. As digital consumers, we are exposed to up to 10,000 ads per day. According to a 2018 study conducted by Cite Research, 57% of respondents reported that they unsubscribed from brand messages on their mobile devices because they were receiving too many. Another 44% confirmed that the information they were receiving wasn’t relevant enough. 

Differentiate Customer Relationships with Digital Lifestyle Solutions

With all of these factors to contend with, creating differentiated experiences that cut through all of the noise of daily life is certainly challenging. Wireless carriers and cable operators are in an enviable position to accomplish this feat by providing products and services that add tangible, every-day value to the digital lifestyles of their subscribers. It’s no secret that delivering useful value-added services that make people’s daily lives easier is proven to increase ARPU, reduce churn, and optimize the lifetime value of each subscription.

Proven Value Added Services

For nearly 40 years, Smith Micro has created white-label solutions for the telecommunications industry. Our current product portfolio is focused on creating solutions that simplify the digital lifestyle of connected consumers to help wireless carriers provide value to mobile subscribers.

  • SafePath® is a comprehensive family safety platform that enables carriers to provide in-demand digital lifestyle services such as location tracking, parental controls, and screen time. Mobile subscribers crave these services because they simplify annoying (but necessary) routine tasks like digital parenting and family check-ins. Imagine a busy mom of three juggling the kids, her house and her job. The last thing she wants to do is police the amount of screen time her kids are indulging in on a daily basis. With SafePath, she can use her smartphone to set up screen time limits, block inappropriate apps, and restrict device usage during certain times (like homework time or bed time).
  • CommSuite® is a voice messaging solution that improves the traditional voicemail experience and helps to make voice services more relevant with younger mobile subscribers. With CommSuite’s voice-to-text feature, voice messages are delivered as text messages so people can read their messages even when they can’t listen to them – like when they are in a meeting or in a movie. By providing services like visual voicemail and voice-to-text transcription, CommSuite enables carriers to improve the voicemail experience for their subscribers – which increases brand relevancy – while also transforming a legacy cost center into a revenue generator.
  • ViewSpot® is a “smart” retail platform that helps wireless carriers and cable operators (with mobile brands) provide an engaging and differentiated brick-and-mortar retail experience. By serving engaging content loops to every in-store device, ViewSpot helps to eliminate visual clutter and supports a cohesive branded experience within operator retail stores. With its dynamic pricing portal, ViewSpot helps carriers turn browsers into buyers by providing hyper-relevant information such as plan pricing, device specs, and special offers on each in-store device. By making this information available on-demand on each device, consumers get the information they need when they need it, and are also encouraged to interact with the device at the same time.

While each solution is very different in features and functionality, a common thread ties them all together – they streamline the digital lifestyles of connected consumers. Whether it’s helping to address the constant challenge of digital parenting, simplifying the outdated way the consumers receive voicemail, or improving the in-store retail experience, the value lies at the intersection of convenience and utility. Value added services that check both boxes will cut through the clutter and enable your brand to build lasting – and profitable – relationships with your subscribers.

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