Stay Ahead of the Pack with Pet Trackers


Stay Ahead of the Pack with Pet Trackers

September 16, 2019

By 2025 the Pet Care market will be valued at over $200 billion according to a recent report by Grand View Research. That number isn’t as surprising when you consider over 85 million families own a pet in the United States, and that number is steadily rising. As more pets become part of the family, owners want to keep an eye on their four legged family members as much as they do their children. But what happens when that family member decides the dog park in the next neighborhood or the squirrel outside the deck looks more enticing than their home.  How do pet owners run with the big dogs when they really decide to run?

Protect Pets with IoT Technology

Pet trackers have entered the market and have been met with the enthusiasm of, excuse the pun, a dog with a bone.  Since most pet parents have experienced the fear and anxiety of a lost or runaway pet at one point or another the desire to keep pets safe and to know where they are has fed the surge in innovative pet focused technology. Most notably, the rise in pet tracker popularity can be tied back to families wanting to protect their pets when a dog’s nature kicks in when someone forgets to shut the front door.

What is a pet tracker?

Similar to the trackers put on keys, bags and even children, a pet tracker is a GPS or Bluetooth enabled location device worn by the animal. These trackers come in many different sizes and shapes. Many of the most popular pet trackers on the market simply clip or slide onto the pet’s collar or harness and are often water resistant…some of the newer trackers even monitor a dogs health and vital signs while tracking their location

What are people looking for in a pet tracker?

While there is no shortage of tracker options on the market today, many don’t meet consumer needs as they’re bulky, difficult to setup, expensive, and overly simplistic in terms of features. Customers want pet trackers that offer an easy-to-use platform with features like Geo-fencing, real-time location updates, and notifications about their pet’s location. Put simply, they want an easy to use tracker that helps them locate their pet.  When a dog or cat is lost, families want fast and easy updates that will help them get Timmy or Fluffy home without harm.

Why Pet Trackers?

Each year over 10 million pets go missing. That means that one in three pets will get lost in their lifetime. And when that pet is missing, it feels like a lifetime to the worried family who wants them home.  Having a reliable GPS pet tracker means that if a family’s pet goes missing, they will be able to quickly and easily locate their lost animal and begin the process of getting them home safely. This helps to keep pets safe and families sane….and without the need to post lost dog/cat flyers all over the neighborhood. Trackers that offer Geo-fencing and real-time alerts are the most sought after as owners can set boundaries around the home and receive alerts should Fido decide to visit the neighbors without their knowing.

Peace of mind and protected pets keeps the entire family happy and secure.  To learn more about how SafePath® Connected Life platform can appeal to your customers and their desire to keep all members of the family safe, even the furry ones, schedule a demo or contact us today.