Keep Subscribers and Their Families Safe and Protected

In 2016, more than 70 million households in the U.S. and Europe utilized some form of location-based service to track family members according to Berg Insight. For wireless operators, this consumer behavior presents a valuable opportunity to increase subscriber engagement and loyalty. By providing family location and parental controls to subscribers as a value-added service, wireless operators can provide peace of mind to their customers while increasing recurring revenue.

Parental Controls That Build Unshakeable Customer Loyalty

Cyber parenting is hard because it’s not easy to know exactly what children are up to online. More than 75% of parents worldwide are concerned about kids being exposed to content on the Internet (AAP and F-Secure). Make your subscribers job a little easier with easy-to-use parental controls. They will appreciate it!

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Do Your Subscribers Actually Value Your “Value-Added” Services?

In the dynamic wireless service provider market, relying solely on the provisioning of a commoditized product (wireless access) to prove value is a losing strategy. Differentiating your customer experience with value-added services is table stakes. In our hectic, mobile-first world, your subscribers will appreciate your service even more if you can provide them with peace of mind. Learn how family location services and parental controls will add true value to your customer relationships.

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Scale Quickly With a Solution You Can Know and Trust

Are you having trouble finding a telco grade solution to support your family services strategy? Look no further than SafePath. Offering cloud-based services purpose-built for mobile operators, SafePath is a comprehensive platform based on open standards that will enable you to scale quickly.

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