CommSuite Avatars

You’re losing money from subscribers to OTT applications. Why would you do that when there is an opportunity today to engage with them using your existing voicemail platform? Bring back your messaging revenue with CommSuite Avatars.

A Large and Expanding
Library of Unique Content

Based on Smith Micro’s popular animation software, CommSuite Avatars is able to tap into a large artist community, who supply a steady stream of original characters and virtual goods. In addition, the Avatar Challenge education program will push even more unique content out to your subscribers. From special occasions to special days to “just because”, your subscribers can truly be who they want to be.

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Compete Better with OTT Messaging Apps

According to Juniper Research*, operators stand to lose $14 Billion to OTT players in 2014. The in-app purchase economy is big business, and visual content is proving to be a serious revenue opportunity for OTT messaging apps that are generating hundreds of millions of dollars per quarter. CommSuite Avatars offer the ideal combination of engaging visual content and an easy consumer sharing experience helping operators regain lost revenue.  

* “Mobile Operator Business Models” published Oct 22, 2014

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Re-engage With Your Subscriber Base

For mobile and cable operators searching for an opportunity to win new consumers, or engage with an existing base, the search is over. CommSuite Avatars evolves the basic sticker experience with a service that lets users create bolder, more engaging animated avatar messages. Not only that, but subscribers can share their messages with anyone on or off your subscriber network. Download the CommSuite brochure to learn more.

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