Accelerate Your Device Launch Cycles

Obtaining carrier compliance to the Open Mobile Alliance’s Device Management (OMA-DM) protocol can slow time-to-market considerably. Updating device firmware is complicated and expensive if not handled correctly. With a standards-based, proven approach, Smith Micro’s OEM solutions accelerate time-to-market and streamline device updates.

Future-proof Your Device with Turnkey FOTA Support

Designing and manufacturing a device to serve one specific purpose within an industry vertical is a risky proposition. As quickly as connected devices evolve and use cases emerge, one marketplace shift could render your device obsolete. Enhance and extend the value of your device with a proven FOTA client.

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Stand Out With Carrier Compliant Management Capabilities

Stand Out With Carrier Compliant Management Capabilities

Not only is it imperative to deliver a device that meets carrier OMA-DM specs, your device must also provide support for several other device management functions to remain in network. In addition to base OMA-DM compliance, NetWise OMC also supports several other OMA-defined management objects enabling easy maintenance and troubleshooting throughout the device lifecycle. Click here to see which OMA management objects are supported.

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Fast-track API Integration

With well-defined integration interfaces and a simplified engagement model, Smith Micro’s API enables OEMs to easily customize the NetWise OMC device client to meet their specific needs… all while remaining in compliance with OMA-DM standards. Simply implement the Smith Micro OEM API and you have a working, carrier-ready solution for OMA-DM.

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Fault-tolerant Robustness; Complete Management Transparency

When updating device firmware over-the-air, update package integrity and validation are of utmost importance. Relying on proven fault-tolerant firmware update practices and built-in redundancy and security, NetWise FOTA provides the comprehensive robustness and management transparency you need. Review this and other NetWise FOTA features.

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