NetWise OMC

NetWise Open Management Client (OMC) enables out-of-the-box compliance for carrier OMA-DM requirements, greatly reducing time-to-market and service costs of “in-field devices. Built on the carrier-grade NetWise platform, OMC supports core OMA standardized and proprietary management objects to enable real-time telecom service provisioning, device diagnostics, and rapid, over-the-air software updates and feature delivery for OEMs and device manufacturers.

Software Component Management

  • Software Component Management Object (SCOMO) provides efficient software lifecycle management for:
    • Delivery, installation, activation, retrieval of inventory, update, deactivation, and removal
  • Unified management of software applications and components such as libraries, UI-elements, certificates and licenses
  • SyncML Data Synchronization and Mobile Device Security (LAWMO) objects reduce system integration time
  • Flexible OMA DM Client Platform works with Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian operating systems

Advanced Device Diagnostics

  • Over-the-Air network fault reporting, performance monitoring and repair
  • Device interrogation with warranty voiding notification
  • Network Diagnostics Monitor (DIAGMON) integrates quickly with OMA DM systems

IoT Device Management

  • OMA DM specification includes FUMO (Firmware Update Management Object) enabler for the delivery and management of firmware update packages
  • Remote configuration and updates with In-session and alternate DL download methods
  • Least-Cost & QoS-based network selection
  • Event-based Traps & Rules Engine

Simplified Integration & Compliance

  • Fully compliant, pre-built Android APK delivers plug-n-play functionality
  • Integration Toolset expedites testing and validation of OEM API libraries
  • Modular Architecture enables rapid support for changing carrier requirements without impacting device launch schedules