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Growing Loyalty and Revenue with Real-time Mobile Engagement

Growing Loyalty and Revenue Webinar RecordingMobile devices present unprecedented opportunities for hoteliers and hospitality brands to improve guest experience with convenient, personalized offers. However, delivering relevant engagement that meets rising guest expectations requires intimate knowledge of each user’s intent and sophisticated understanding of real world context.

Join executives from Smith Micro Software and Zonetail as they discuss proven mobile engagement strategies along with several applied examples from the hospitality industry that have yielded extraordinary results.


How Smarter Mobile Apps Can Enhance Customer Relationships

Mobile engagement opens up an exciting new world for marketers, but without a full contextual picture of the customer, marketers are left with a big gap between what can be offered and what should be offered to consumers via mobile. Utilizing an intelligent rules engine on the device can bridge that gap, enabling more relevant and timely engagement that results in long term, mutually-valuable relationships with customers.

Join executives from Smith Micro as they discuss ways to enhance mobile customer engagement using the embedded software techniques employed by mobile operators for decades.


Make it Personal - Using Big Data and Mobile to Connect with Customers

To cultivate valuable relationships with your customers, you need to stop shotgun marketing and start creating personalized interactions. That requires a more holistic approach to customer profiling, including:

  • Where do your customers live, work and play? 
  • What do they value? 
  • How do they use their mobile devices? 
  • What is their purchase journey?

In this exclusive webinar, executives from Rhiza and Smith Micro will demonstrate how to use both customer segmentation and mobile behavior to drive customer loyalty and fresh revenue gains. 


Explosive Mobile Engagement: "Go Native"

"Native" used to mean a reliance on Facebook and Google for in-stream ads that seem like organic content. It now refers to the use of on-device, local intelligence to get beyond the beacon to understand the context of a mobile user's interactions.

Understanding the power of "Going Native" is essential for:

  • Mobile Marketing Professionals
  • Mobile App Developers- both independent and brand-based)
  • Retailers implementing indoor location-based marketing strategies
  • Mobile customer experience professionals

In this exclusive webinar, Opus Research and executives from Smith Micro discuss the impact of a native device experience on mobile marketing.


Staying Connected in Public Safety

In public safety, seconds count. Officers can't afford to struggle with unreliable network connections. In this webinar featuring Ken Rehbehn, wireless industry analyst from Yankee Group and 37-year fire service veteran. In this webinar, you will learn more about:

  • Intelligent Network Selection
  • Maximized Uptime
  • Security With Policy Controls
  • Lower Mobile Data Expenses

In addition, learn how police departments such as DC Metropolitan and Baltimore Police Departments use Smith Micro solutions to keep their officers securely connected.


The Risk of Mobile Hotspots in the Enterprise

Lack of control over mobile hotspot devices has Enterprise IT on edge

The same smartphone employees use to update Facebook and to entertain their kids is accessing the corporate network. Mobile hotspot devices have created new network access points that enterprise IT is unable to audit or control.

In this webinar, we will investigate these concerns and discuss the roles of the operator, the consumer and enterprise IT in managing mobile hotspot devices. Specifically, we will discuss:

  • Top enterprise mobile hotspot concerns, based on a national survey of IT managers
  • Why BYON (Bring-Your-Own-Network) poses new challenges beyond BYOD
  • How on-device policy controls for mobile hotspots can empower enterprises and consumers
  • What operators and device makers can do to alleviate concerns and drive adoption