VIDIO is a powerful solution that enables Network Operators, Content Owners, Hospitality Providers, and the Enterprise Mobile Workforce to intelligently transcode and stream live and pre-recorded video content—all while securely reaching audiences on virtually any screen.

For Hospitality Providers

Deliver Video Content to Guests’ Mobile Devices.
Drive Customer Satisfaction.

Guests increasingly expect access to mobile video content during hospitality stays. To meet this growing demand, hotel operators need a unified strategy for delivering true multi-screen video. VIDIO from Smith Micro can deliver content to thousands of mobile phones, PCs, tablets and set-top boxes. Additionally, VIDIO has a client application kit available to create a TV-like experience, which includes, but is not limited to: Digital Rights Management, authentication, fast streaming, fast channel switching and DVR-like functionality. Offer the content guests crave and enhance the customer experience.

Featured Customer: Allin Interactive

For the Enterprise
Mobile Workforce

Deliver Your Message More Effectively
Through Mobile Video

Video is a powerful tool for the enterprise, acting as the face of an organization and effectively communicating information to remote employees that is easy to digest. Regardless of your industry, device types or video format used, our solution makes it simple and cost effective to manage and deliver streaming video to your mobile workforce. Learn more by visiting our video solutions page for the Mobile Workforce.

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For Network Operators

Overcome Bandwidth Challenges.
Adaptive Video Content Delivers Consistent Playback.

The dramatic increase in mobile video traffic can drive bandwidth congestion and result in a poor viewing experience for subscribers. VIDIO solves this problem by adapting the video stream to suit the bandwidth conditions of the user’s device and network, resulting in consistent playback across varying network conditions. Better playback means an improved viewing experience for users. Read more about VIDIO in this insightful customer case study and whitepaper.

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For Content Owners, Publishers and Agencies

Turn Your Video Content into Revenue Gold

Your video content may be worth its weight in gold. VIDIO can help you cash in. Our solution is more than just a simple content delivery system. It’s a platform that can blend advertisements in pre-roll (such as for live broadcasts), mid-roll, and post-roll (such as for VOD files)—with the ability to include ad rotations. Additionally, VIDIO is able to operate with most advertising aggregates, helping monetize traffic and drive critical revenue. Watch this product demo to learn more.

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