NetWise Policy Platform

Maximizing the security, reliability and cost-effectiveness of your mobile devices is paramount. Protect sensitive data, manage network access, and lower mobile data expenses using the power of policy-on-device.

Make Your Smartphones Smarter and More Secure

Make Your Smartphones Smarter and More Secure

The NetWise Policy Platform helps system administrators increase security and control over Android devices, enabling you to better manage device behavior and network connections with real-time policy enforcement and alerts. We deliver security you can rely on.

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Smarter Mobile Connectivity.  Lower Mobile Data Expenses.

Smart Mobile Connectivity

Mobile workers need access to critical data to be effective on their jobs, but connectivity costs can become prohibitive. NetWise Policy Platform reduces telecom expenses by defining network access priorities that allow Android devices to automatically access available Wi-Fi networks, securely and conveniently. By managing data connectivity for devices, NetWise ensures employees are on the most cost-effective network – enabling them to be productive while saving money.

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Identify Mobile Device Problems Quickly. Reduce the Need for Support.

Support costs rise whenever mobile device users encounter issues accessing systems and information. Dealing with the many variables affecting today’s devices adds to the challenge. NetWise can help identify troublesome devices and networks with advanced analytics that show connectivity errors, data throughput rates, and more. Armed with the right information, system administrators can head off problems more quickly, improving the end-user experience and reducing costly calls for support.

One Size Fits All. Flexible Policy Management Tools That Suit Your Business.

You need all of your technology systems to play nicely with each other in order to deliver maximum benefit for your business. The NetWise Policy Platform was designed to be interoperable with other management systems using standards-based protocols and APIs to provide more flexibility in deployment. This means your policies can evolve with your business without worrying about static management tools that require expensive retooling or replacement.