SafePath Family

SafePath® Family makes location tracking and parental controls easy for all family members. A cloud-based, full-featured platform, SafePath Family enables mobile operators to deliver essential digital lifestyle safety services to mobile subscribers and their families across Android, iOS and wearable devices. See how Sprint is helping its subscribers protect their loved ones with SafePath Family.

Digi Selects SafePath to Provide Location Tracking and Family Protection Services to Subscribers

To help keep mobile subscribers safe and connected with their families, Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (Digi), the leading wireless operator in Malaysia, has rolled out Smith Micro’s SafePath Family application under the brand Digi Family Safety. The new app, available for iPhone and Android devices, will provide subscribers with location tracking and parental controls for the mobile devices used by family members, particularly kids and elderly relatives who require special care.

Digi is utilizing a “freemium” business model by offering two tiers of service:

  • Family Safety Basic, which is free for subscribers, enables a user to connect up to 2 family members and access several important features such as location tracking, location-based check-ins and alerts, family activity tracking and real-time panic alerts.
  • Family Safety Premium, available for a low monthly fee, provides all of the functionality of the Basic tier, plus subscribers can connect up to 7 devices (smartphones, tablets, wearables), create more location-based safety areas, and access parental control and security features such as phone call restrictions, app controls, and phone security features.

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