CommSuite Visual Voicemail

The CommSuite® platform is a premium services solution that allows mobile operators to deliver and monetize advanced voice, video and messaging applications. The platform is designed to help operators generate new revenue streams and revitalize legacy messaging systems.

Discover the Most Advanced Voicemail Service Available

Visual Voicemail delivers voicemail messages directly to the phone, simplifying and enhancing message retrieval for the end user. In addition, premium add-ons such as Visual Voicemail-to-Text and automatic email forwarding enable further monetization opportunities. Download the CommSuite Datasheet to learn more.

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CommSuite - Rely on Operator Grade Dependability

Rely on Operator-Grade Dependability

The CommSuite Visual Voicemail solution can be integrated with multiple voicemail systems, voice-to-text engines, billing systems and operator infrastructure elements. CommSuite successfully achieves timely delivery of messages in compliance with SLA requirements (i.e., 99.9% message delivery within 60 seconds). Learn more by watching a demonstration of the CommSuite platform.

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Increase Service Penetration with a Turnkey Solution

The operator-branded, white-label service supports Android and Windows Mobile. The client is easy to upgrade, can be pre-installed by the OEM, or downloaded by the end-user from the app stores.

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