CommSuite Visual Voicemail

The CommSuite® Visual Voicemail platform is a proven, carrier-grade solution installed on millions of mobile devices. With support for both Android and iOS, CommSuite delivers mobile network operators with a value-added services platform that boosts subscriber satisfaction while generating new revenue streams.

What is CommSuite?

The CommSuite platform is comprised of a client application, a monetization gateway and a suite of premium services that allow wireless network operators to deliver advanced voice, video and text messaging services. CommSuite seamlessly integrates into your existing infrastructure, while making it easy for subscribers to adopt new services – driving critical business growth.

User Friendly Message Experience

  • Uses existing voicemail infrastructure
  • Enables users to manage voice messages like email
  • Familiar features such as greeting management, message forwarding and reply, and more
  • Include voicemail-to-text transcription to enhance the user experience

Cloud Based System Environment

  • Carrier-grade solution addresses operators “voicemail modernization needs”
  • Allows advanced features that can be offered incrementally to subscribers over time
  • Create new revenue opportunities from previously commoditized services

Reduce Customer Care Calls with Self Provisioning

  • CommSuite Visual Voicemail features user self-provisioning of premium services directly from the client application
  • Consistent scanning for changes to the MDN, SIM and Handset MEID
  • Client content is automatically restored after handset swaps

Ad Network Integration

  • Integrates with all major ad networks
  • Gives operators the ability to offer premium services with ad-supported business models.
  • Drive voice and messaging-related revenue while enhancing the overall subscriber experience