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Smith Micro Helps Wireless Providers Uncover Network ‘Blind Spots’ to Improve Mobile Experience for Subscribers

Feb 10, 2016
NetWise Optics mobile analytics solution provides visibility into connectivity and performance issues for Wi-Fi and cellular networks

ALISO VIEJO, CA – February 10, 2016 – A study by JD Power found that Quality of Service (QoS) was a critical factor in customer loyalty for wireless service providers, a fact that carriers and cable operators are honing in on as they partner and compete to capture and retain mobile customers.  Adding two new communications services providers (CSPs) to its customer roster in recent months, Smith Micro Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: SMSI) is helping these companies uncover performance blind spots and optimize network quality through their NetWise Optics™ mobile analytics solution.  NetWise Optics captures device-based Quality of Service (QoS) metrics on both Wi-Fi and cellular networks, providing insights to user experience that are not visible from network-based solutions.

“The days of subscriber lock-in are gone. With the big 4 carriers waging price wars, cable companies moving into the wireless space, and a slew of MVNOs to choose from, QoS now has a much bigger impact on attracting and retaining subscribers,” said Dave Sperling, CTO at Smith Micro. “By delivering the broadest and deepest device analytics, NetWise Optics fills critical performance management gaps, providing visibility into service quality from the subscriber’s perspective, which is really the perspective that matters most.”

NetWise Optics uses on-device analytics to capture a wide range of connectivity and performance metrics, such as dropped connections, latency, and signal strength.  Unlike network-based performance tools, which provide metrics for owned networks only, NetWise Optics provides insights to customer experience on every cellular or Wi-Fi network they use, whether owned, public or private. This enables service providers to proactively manage quality across the entire customer experience, deploy new network assets with confidence, avoid poorly performing access points, and gain information regarding user adoption of key services, such as mobile video, VoIP and Wi-Fi calling.

The NetWise Optics solution consists of an embedded device agent and a cloud-based management and analytics server.  Key features include:

  • Broad collection of data parameters - More than 100 data parameters can be collected in seven categories, including device, radio, data usage, network performance and coverage, location, application and power. 
  • Pre-built reporting capabilities - More than 40 out-of-the-box reports are available, addressing cellular and Wi-Fi performance, geospatial insights, user and device profiles, mobile data consumption habits, network development opportunities, and application / service insights.  Custom reporting is also available.
  • Policy-controlled analytics collection - Data collection is managed remotely via over-the-air policy controls.  All parameters can be turned on / off individually for groups of devices or subscribers based on device type, user opt-in, geography, etc.  Data can also be anonymized to protect personal information.
  • Fast, easy integration - The lightweight, cross-platform agent is delivered in SDK format and easily added to a host app in less than one day. It currently supports Android, iOS, Windows and Mac OSX operating systems.

As a key component of the NetWise® policy-on-device platform, NetWise Optics works in conjunction with other modules: NetWise Director, NetWise SmartSpot and NetWise Captivate, to add actionable user insights for connectivity and traffic management, Wi-Fi offload/onload, and context-based user engagement.

For more information about NetWise Optics or other NetWise policy-on-device solutions, visit NetWise Platform.

­­About Smith Micro Software, Inc.:
Smith Micro provides software to simplify and enhance the mobile experience. Our connectivity applications ensure the best Quality of Experience for users of wireless networks, while embedded mobile software creates new opportunities for wireless service providers and B2C businesses to engage with consumers via smartphones.  Our portfolio also includes content monetization solutions such as visual messaging, video streaming, and a variety of 2D and 3D graphics applications. Smith Micro provides software to simplify and enhance the mobile experience. As the leader in wireless connectivity, our applications ensure the best Quality of Experience for mobile users while optimizing networks for service providers and enterprises.  Using our intelligent policy-on-device platform, along with premium voice, video and content monetization services, we create new opportunities to engage consumers and capitalize on the growth of connected devices.  For more information, visit (NASDAQ: SMSI)

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