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Smith Micro Offers a Personal Approach to Mobile Marketing with New NetWise Captivate

Feb 12, 2015
Latest NetWise solution delivers relevant mobile services and offers based on consumer activity, preferences and patterns

ALISO VIEJO, CA February 12, 2015 Smith Micro Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: SMSI) announced the launch of its latest NetWise® solution, NetWise Captivate, a new mobile platform that allows marketers and wireless service providers to create more personalized brand experiences for their customers using smartphones. NetWise Captivate detects consumer shopping patterns and mobile activities in real time to engage customers in the right circumstances. By delivering more relevant and convenient mobile services and offers, businesses can build higher value relationships with their customers.

Most marketing initiatives today utilize mobile as simply a smaller screen to deliver online ads. NetWise Captivate enhances mobile marketing by adding richer consumer context to the exciting new world of location-based marketing. It uses an expert system on the device to analyze opt-in mobile data, such as micro and macro location, time of day, dwell-time, installed applications, user interactivity, and other conditions. With NetWise Captivate, marketers can better understand their mobile customers and more effectively connect with them through better targeted promotions, customized services, and timely information.

Mobile phones offer a highly personal, pervasive, and extremely powerful channel for customer engagement, but mobile marketing is still in its infancy, said Carla Fitzgerald, Chief Marketing Officer at Smith Micro. Our NetWise Captivate platform helps marketers deliver the right message or promotion to the right customer at the right time, creating a better mobile experience that leads to increased loyalty and business growth.

The following examples illustrate how NetWise Captivate can improve the way businesses interact with consumers using opt-in, context-driven mobile engagement:

  • Improve Customer Service Upon entering an electronics store, customers are automatically registered in a virtual queue for the next available representative. Based on current estimated wait time and customers device type, customers are prompted to browse the latest accessories for their phones while they wait, and a floor map with directions to the accessories aisle is displayed.
  • More Accurately Target Promotions A customer enters the food court section of a shopping mall. Based on time of day (noon), dwell-time, and fitness-related apps installed on the customers smartphone, the customer is offered a discount coupon for a new lite lunch menu at a restaurant in the mall.
  • Build Loyalty A business replaces its loyalty punch cards with an enhanced smartphone app that can automatically detect and track each customer visit and purchase history. Upon entering the business, customers are notified of a purchase credit and asked if they would like to repeat their last order.
  • Gain Consumer Feedback A hotel uses device location, date, time, and data from the reservation system to prompt a guest to take a mobile-friendly survey upon check-out and departure from the hotel. Unlike email, the immediacy and convenience of mobile surveys maximizes response while the experience is top of mind.

The NetWise Captivate platform consists of a cloud-based management server, a device-based expert system, and a unique plug-in framework to apply business logic to each mobile engagement. The solution can be implemented through over-the-top applications, and automatically discovers device capabilities to install the right plug-ins for each device type. NetWise Captivate can also be integrated with historical customer information and third-party platforms for deals and offers to more accurately and effectively target mobile promotions.

As with our other NetWise solutions, NetWise Captivate combines an intelligent client, advanced analytics, and a policy-based management server to make mobile experiences simpler, more convenient, and more enjoyable for consumers, explained Dave Sperling, Chief Technology Officer at Smith Micro. “This allows retailers, service providers, and even brands to use the power of smartphones and other devices, such as Wi-Fi access points, beacons, digital signage, and connected vending machines, to better meet consumer expectations about when and how to engage.

For more information about NetWise Captivate or other NetWise policy-on-device solutions, visit NetWise Platform.

About Smith Micro Software, Inc.:
Smith Micro provides software to simplify and enhance the mobile experience. As the leader in wireless connectivity, our applications ensure the best Quality of Experience for mobile users while optimizing networks for service providers and enterprises. Using our intelligent policy-on-device platform, along with premium voice, video and content monetization services, we create new opportunities to engage consumers and capitalize on the growth of connected devices. For more information, visit (NASDAQ: SMSI)

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