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Smith Micro Software Announces Mobile Network Director™ Solution To Manage Data Overload For Mobile Operators

Oct 26, 2011
Intelligent Data Offload Client Provides Targeted Traffic Management to Address Concentrated, Spiky Nature of Today's Data Congestion Problems

ALISO VIEJO, CA - Smith Micro Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: SMSI), a leading provider of wireless and mobility solutions, today announced their new Mobile Network Director™ solution to alleviate data traffic congestion from mobile devices and enable seamless network transitions and data offloading between networks (3G/4G/WiFi). The Mobile Network Director Solution provides targeted, intelligent device controls to help mobile operators manage the concentrated explosions of data traffic that can significantly impact network performance.

The rapid growth in data consumption from mobile devices, often referred to as a "data tsunami", has driven mobile operators to consider alternative networks and broad, expensive approaches to manage network congestion. However, at the root of the problem are a narrow set of high bandwidth users, applications and cell sites that behave more like unpredictable "geysers" than a tsunami. The Mobile Network Director solution provides the device-level visibility and granular controls needed to manage these congestion issues no matter where or when they might occur. It offers a targeted, cost-effective approach to data offload that combines operator policies with real-time network conditions to intelligently move traffic between networks. Combined with Smith Micro's device-based Analytics, the solution allows operators to accurately measure and understand the customer experience associated with offload to ensure that subscribers receive the best possible quality of service in high-traffic areas.

"The initial field trials of the Mobile Network Director solution demonstrated more than 50 percent of data traffic offloaded onto 4G and WiFi networks, relieving the 3G load from concentrated congestion areas and providing a fluid experience for end-users," said William W. Smith, Jr., President and CEO at Smith Micro Software. "This is the next generation of connectivity - enabling mobile operators to precisely manage user traffic to optimize resources while enhancing the customer experience."

The Mobile Network Director solution gives mobile operators greater visibility and more precise control - on a per device basis - over bandwidth usage across access technologies, particularly public, business and home WiFi networks, in order to optimize network resources. It uses operator-defined policies and real time environmental factors to intelligently manage device radios to control traffic flow across networks. Operators can make dynamic policy adjustments based on changing network conditions, time of day, device type, market segment and user activity. The analytics gleaned allow operators to measure the effectiveness of the traffic offload and management policies, and utilize traffic profiling for improved network planning.

As a stand-alone solution, Mobile Network Director can provide significant network congestion relief. It also interoperates with packet data gateway (PDG) solutions to create a secure tunnel to broadband services, including automated user authentication, data encryption, and seamless transitions between network access points. As a result, operators can offer wireless service using the best available connection at any given time and location, and users can move freely between 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi connections while keeping applications active.

Smith Micro is hosting a web conference on November 10, 2011, entitled, "Geysers vs. Tsunami: A Targeted Approach to Managing Data Overload," which will describe Smith Micro's patent-pending Mobile Network Director solution in detail, and features industry analyst Monica Paolini from Senza Fili Consulting. To register for the event, please visit

About Smith Micro Software, Inc.:

Smith Micro Software, Inc. provides software solutions that simplify, secure and enhance the mobile experience. Our portfolio of products and services spans Connectivity Management and Communications solutions. Smith Micro's solutions include client and server software applications used by the world's leading wireless operators, device manufacturers and enterprises. For more information about Smith Micro Software (NASDAQ: SMSI), visit

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