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Smith Micro Launches New Internet Cleanup 5.0

Jun 21, 2006
Internet Cleanup 5.0 Combines Anti-Spyware and Enhanced Privacy Protection To Provide A Comprehensive Solution for the PC.

ALISO VIEJO, CA - Smith Micro Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: SMSI) announced a new version of Internet Cleanup™ for Windows. Internet Cleanup 5.0 has been redesigned to enhance protection of your privacy online and offline. Using Internet Cleanup 5.0 users' not only protect their privacy from spyware and phishing scams but also from intruders trying to gain access to their personal information.

Internet Cleanup 5 protects files, folders and applications from unauthorized access and blocks sensitive information from being transmitted over the Internet. Internet Cleanup 5 erases their Internet data trail and permanently removes tracking devices left on computers by websites they have visited. Users can easily select a security level to block banner ads and pop-ups. Informative statistics tells users the number of unwanted cookies and history files, their cache size, Active X controls, recent list entries, and more. Internet Cleanup 5 allows scheduled cleanings of remote computers as well as the local computer.

"Internet Cleanup 5 protects your private information from intruders, spammers, keyloggers and other spyware," said Pauline Shumake, Senior Product Manager, Smith Micro Software, Inc. "With Internet Cleanup's QuickFill feature you can deflect keyloggers by limiting the keystrokes you use to enter private information."

Internet Cleanup 5's redesigned interface includes a new spyware engine with a quarantine feature that detects and removes more spyware than ever. Configuring Internet Cleanup's features is easy with the new Configuration Wizard. Protection against phishers and spammers is built right into Internet Cleanup.

Internet Cleanup 5.0 also contains the following features:

* NEW! RE-DESIGNED ANTI-SPYWARE ENGINE WITH QUARANTINE - Internet Cleanup 5 now detects and removes more spyware than ever. Place offending files in quarantine or destroy them forever. Internet Cleanup 5 protects against the newest spyware programs with one year of routine updates to give users the latest security.

* NEW! QUICKFILL™ STOPS KEYLOGGERS- Internet Cleanup 5 protects users from keyloggers even before they know they have one installed. Quickfill enters user's private information for them so that keyloggers cannot record those telltale keystrokes that reveal account numbers, PIN's and like.

* NEW! SPAMCATCHER® - Award winning anti-spam tool, SpamCatcher, has been integrated into Internet Cleanup. Combining six anti-spam tools and vast network of users, it blocks 99% of unwanted emails, just letting in the emails that users want. Internet Cleanup users enjoy a full year of spam filter updates.

* NEW! ANTI-PHISHING - Internet Cleanup blocks phishing attacks from getting through to email in-boxes with fingerprint technology and ScamDefense tools. Anti-phishing protection requires no set-up and starts automatically as soon as SpamCatcher is activated.

* NEW! PASSWORD GENERATOR - Generate complex and random passwords and keep them in an encrypted keychain for easy and protected access. Easily generate passwords for use in any program, utility, or website.

* NEW! USER INTERFACE- Internet Cleanup has been re-written to enhance the user experience. Features are easier to use, faster to get at, and easier to set up.

* NEW! CONFIGURATION WIZARD - Setting up Internet Cleanup's privacy protection and anti-spyware is a breeze with the new Configuration Wizard. Set up passwords and profiles during installation or any time thereafter.

Pricing and Availability

Internet Cleanup sells for MSRP of $29.99. Users of earlier versions of Internet Cleanup can upgrade to Internet Cleanup 5.0 for a special price of $14.99. This offer is available for a limited time only. To upgrade go to:

To learn more about Internet Cleanup, on the Net visit:

To learn more about and our product lines visit: or

About Smith Micro Software:

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