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Smith Micro Extends Power of FAXstf™ to the Mac Office Via New FAXstf Server

Feb 24, 2004
Client/Server Version of the #1 Fax Software for Macintosh(R) Provides Full Range of Features; Enabling You to Send/Receive Faxes Over Local Area Networks or Internet through FAXstf's Powerful Fax Server

Aliso Viejo, CA - Smith Micro Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: SMSI), a developer and marketer of a wide range of utility software and service solutions, today announced the release of FAXstf™ Server, a complete and feature-rich solution that cost effectively allows multiple Mac's to fax through a single network server solution. Users can have one or more fax servers on their network and FAXstf Server can be configured to support a single dedicated fax phone line or multiple phone lines for sending and receiving faxes in a LAN or WAN environment.

Designed with the focus on reducing a company's or department's internal communication costs such as providing analog phone lines to every computer, FAXstf Server simplifies fax management for Mac offices everywhere.

You can route, send, receive, view and delete your faxes via the server and you can have any faxes forwarded to any email address in PDF format. It is easy to check for faxes on the FAXstf Server while traveling via the Internet using a broadband or a dial up connection-making your fax server available anywhere you have Internet access. You can even search for faxes by name, sender, station message and date.

FAXstf Server is a network fax solution developed specifically for Mac OS® X, enabling you to send or receive faxes over a LAN or WAN with total administrative control available from any web browser, anywhere on the Internet.

FAXstf Server not only includes the features of Smith Micro's leading standalone fax solution, FAXstf X Pro, but also includes the benefits of shared capabilities such as a network address book and network cover pages and page headers to improved office efficiency while expanding fax access to any Mac workstation on the network.

FAXstf Server's new high-efficiency features include:

  • Remote Administration -- Enables administrators to control routing and distribution of faxes from anywhere via a web browser;
  • Multiple Modems -- Utilizes multiple lines and multiple USB modems on server machines running Mac OS X Jaguar;
  • Network Address Book -- Network clients have access to a network address book on the server, in addition to their own address book;
  • Network Cover Pages -- Network clients can also access cover pages and page headers on the server, in addition to their own;
  • Client Restrictions -- Allows administrators to control the faxing capabilities of all FAXstf clients;
  • Easy Connection -- FAXstf Server supports Rendezvous(TM) as well as static IP addresses, making it easy for clients to connect to LAN or Internet based FAXstf Servers; and
  • Multiple Administrators -- Create as many administrative accounts as necessary, including route-only accounts.

FAXstf Server also supports AirPort® and AirPort Extreme wireless protocols, as well as conventional Ethernet configurations and utilizes PHP scripting language, Apache server software for legendary UNIX style reliability.

While providing enhanced features to make faxing as easy as sending an email, FAXstf Server can reduce a company's internal faxing communication costs," said Robert E. Elliott, Vice President of Marketing for Smith Micro Software, Inc. "And one of the great new benefits to FAXstf Server is the ability to use our new FAXstf X Pro v 10.5 standalone product as a net client on the server. This advanced functionality allows our customers to send and receive faxes via network or send and receive faxes via analog modem from home or while traveling."

FAXstf X Pro Capabilities

In addition to the release of FAXstf Server, SmithMicro is announcing an update that brings feature enhancements and improvements to their standalone fax solution FAXstf X Pro v10.5.

The following are just some of the FAXstf X Pro user features and functionality:

  • Auto Print, enabling users to automatically print received faxes;
  • Auto Email, a new way for traveling employees and others to forward their received faxes to any email address;
  • Full AppleScript Support including auto execution of AppleScripts, allowing users to create customized features such as incoming email alerts;
  • Address Book Support for Apple AddressBook, Microsoft Entourage and Palm Desktop;
  • Cover Page/Page Header Editor, adds new templates for cover pages;
  • Email Fax, making receiving fax a simple one-click process;
  • QuickFax Preview, enabling fast preview of faxes before sending; and
  • Auto Update, a new way to automatically receive the latest FAXstf updates;
  • FAXstf X Pro Server Client, can be a client for the FAXstf Server product.

Pricing and Availability

FAXstf Server is priced at $399.95 for five client licenses, with add-ons priced in volume increments. FAXstf X Pro is available for $89.95. For more information or to purchase either the new FAXstf Server or Pro, call 1-800-700-1299 or visit

About Smith Micro Software:

Smith Micro Software, Inc., headquartered in Aliso Viejo, CA, is a developer and marketer of wireless communication and utility software products for multiple OS platforms. The company designs integrated cross platform, easy-to-use software for personal computing and business solutions around the world. With a focus on the Internet and Wireless and Broadband technologies, the company's products and services enable wireless communications, eCommerce, eBusiness, Internet communications (voice-over-IP), video conferencing, network fax, and traditional computer telephony. Smith Micro's complete line of products is available through original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), direct sales, retail stores, and value-added resellers (VARs). Smith Micro's common stock trades on The Nasdaq Stock Market® under the symbol SMSI. For more information, contact Smith Micro at (949) 362-5800.

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