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Smith Micro Announces WebDNA 6.0, Adds WebDNA ISP Edition

Feb 17, 2004
New Version 6.0 of Leading eBusiness Development Platform Offers Native SQL Database Support; WebDNA ISP Edition Enables Variety of Provider-Defined End User Packages with No Upfront Costs for ISP

Aliso Viejo, CA - Smith Micro Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: SMSI), a developer and marketer of software solutions for the Internet development tools market, today announced the debut of two major improvements to its popular WebDNA™ eBusiness rapid development and deployment product suite:

  • The debut of WebDNA 6.0, featuring, among other improvements, native SQL database support that lowers website operational costs by directly connecting to local or remote MySQL servers and also includes various Content Management System improvements; and
  • A new WebDNA ISP Edition that allows Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to create and resell customized WebDNA service packages to customers. In addition to free upfront use, WebDNA ISP Edition offers pay-as-you-go, capacity based pricing and adds several new SiteBuilder templates that allow users to quickly change the graphical layout and navigation of their website.

"Smith Micro continually looks for ways to add value and convenience to the power of WebDNA. Today's announcements extend our offerings significantly," said Chris Lippincott, Vice President of Internet and Direct Sales of Smith Micro, Inc. "WebDNA 6.0 and WebDNA ISP Edition give users more options than ever before to create and maintain robust eBusiness or personal websites."

In addition to supporting WebDNA ISP Edition, WebDNA 6.0 functionality will appear in all existing editions of the WebDNA family:

  • Developer Edition, a free version of WebDNA which allows developers to insert dynamic information into websites based on its internal database. WebDNA Developer Edition also supports creation of user tracking features, password protection, online quizzes, banner ads and more;
  • Partner Edition, enabling eBusinesses to leverage the full power of the WebDNA scripting language. Partner Edition features a built-in, high performance database as well as ODBC external database access; users can also implement Secure Socket Layer (SSL) TCP connections and a WebDNA Monitor Program ($495.95 for one domain, add-on domains at $50 each, unlimited domains for an additional $1,000);
  • Commerce Edition, the complete eCommerce website solution. Commerce Edition lets users quickly and easily create, improve, and administer any number of eCommerce sites without having to use ASP or Java. The application also supports back office order management and payment authorization capabilities, along with a wizard for easy storefront creation ($995.95 for one domain, add-on domains at $50 each, unlimited domains for an additional $1,000); and
  • Enterprise Edition, the first easy to learn, easy to use rapid development and deployment platform that spans multiple operating environments. Enterprise Edition is specifically designed for enterprise-level websites and Internet-based business applications ($4,995.95 for unlimited domains).

Improved Database Performance

WebDNA is a leader in the eBusiness development category due to its ability to simplify and improve the process of creating Internet websites for commercial, business, and institutional use. Version 6.0 builds on that strong reputation by adding native support for managing SQL database connections, queries, and results, with initial support for local and remote MySQL databases, thus lowering database development costs while improving overall website performance.

WebDNA 6.0 offers a number of convenient SQL contexts and SQL global tags to simplify database setup and management; what's more, the application improves other contexts such as [raw][FoundItems] and [ListFields][/raw] to operate in the SQL environment.

Flexible Pricing for ISPs

WebDNA ISP Edition is an exciting new way for Internet Service Providers to create and offer versions of WebDNA for their subscribers. The edition provides all the functionality of WebDNA Commerce Edition, and adds the ability to structure packages with specific functionalities directed to particular user needs, e.g., hobbyists, families, small businesses, etc.

"WebDNA ISP Edition is attractive because it gives ISPs the ability to create a variety of website development products tailored to specific audiences," said Lippincott. "The model allows for sliding scale end-user pricing, yet the ISP's acquisition cost stays fixed, allowing for significant profit opportunities."

For more on WebDNA 6.0, WebDNA ISP Edition, or any of Smith Micro's other WebDNA eBusiness Development products, log on to

About Smith Micro Software:

Smith Micro Software, Inc., headquartered in Aliso Viejo, CA, is a developer and marketer of wireless communication and utility software products. The company designs integrated cross platform, easy-to-use software for personal computing and business solutions around the world. With a focus on the Internet, Wireless, and Broadband technologies, the company's products and services enable wireless communications, eCommerce, eBusiness, Internet communications (voice-over-IP), video conferencing, and network fax, along with traditional computer telephony. Smith Micro's complete line of products is available through direct sales, retail stores, value-added resellers (VARs) and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Smith Micro's common stock trades on The Nasdaq Stock Market® under the symbol SMSI. For more information, contact Smith Micro at (949) 362-5800.

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