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Smith Micro Ships FAXstf™ X Pro, an All New Powerful Fax Solution for Mac® Users Who Need Advanced Intuitive Features to Send, Receive and Manage Faxes

Mar 11, 2003
The Industry Leading Fax Product for the Mac Includes a Host of Advanced Features Including Support for Multiple Customize Cover Pages, Quick Fax, Easy-to-Read Fax Status

ALISO VIEJO, CA - The Macintosh Business Unit of Smith Micro Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: SMSI), a developer and marketer of software and service solutions, announced today FAXstf™ X Pro for Mac® OS X, the easiest way to put powerful fax management at the user's fingertips.

At the heart of FAXstf X Pro is a powerful, smartly designed new browser that handles all of your fax needs in a single window. FAXstf X Pro effortlessly allows you to view multiple documents at once, sort faxes and create your own sub folders for easy storing and reference of sent or received faxes. It is a reliable, easy-to-use solution for serious faxing demands.

The new FAXstf X Pro adds many new familiar features that fax users regularly use throughout the business world. This new version is re-designed to take the business and consumer user to a new level of convenience and simplicity and includes the following high-productivity features:

Facts About FAXstf X Pro

  • New Browser Interface-quickly manage all aspects of sending, receiving and storing faxes from one convenient location. Our Aqua interface mirrors email applications for familiar ease of use
  • Fax From Any Application-send a fax from virtually any document-based application. Simply select FaxPrint as your printer to turn your Mac into a fax machine
  • Customizable Browser-the folder structure of FAXstf X Pro is fully customizable so you can easily create archives for your important faxes
  • Group Faxing-featuring tight integration with the Mac OS X Address Book, send faxes to multiple recipients with a single entry
  • Quick Address-quickly enter a fax number that may not be in your Mac OS X Address Book.
  • Quick Fax-to send a short 1-page fax directly from FAXstf X Pro. No need to launch another application-great for a single-recipient or when you are in a hurry
  • Multiple Cover Page/Page Header Support-supports multiple, custom cover pages, allows you to import custom cover pages with company logos and/or other graphics for professional-looking fax documents or to match your company's stationary
  • Address Book Lookup-when receiving a fax, FAXstf X Pro will search your Mac OS X Address Book for a fax number that matches the remote station message of the person faxing you. The person's name will be displayed during fax receptions
  • Multiple/External Modem Support-support for the Apple internal modem and Mac-compatible external USB modems
  • Fax History-to make fax management easier, FAXstf X Pro provides historical information about any sent or received fax
  • Activity Log-listing of transmission activities that is preformatted so you can save it as a tab delimited text file to be imported into a database or spreadsheet for accounting purposes;
  • Locations, Locations-create custom setting for different locations so faxing from the road is as easy as faxing from the office
  • Export to TIFF/PDF-export faxes to TIFF, PDF and Fax formats. A familiar and easy way to export a received fax or store faxes in another file format for attaching to an email or to archive your faxes
  • Improved Multi-user Support-allows users of the same machine to manage their own faxes privately
  • Improved Image Quality-new high definitions for text and graphics
  • Manual Send and Receive-only have one phone line, no problem, FAXstf X Pro supports manual sending and receiving
  • Page Jump-quickly go to any page in document
  • Fax View-view faxes at any size or rotate faxes
  • Automatic Fax Reception-faxes can be automatically received on any number of rings and you can configure to not answer incoming calls
  • Automatic Fax Retries-faxes that fail to go through for any reason will be automatically retried-set number of attempts and interval
  • Fax Schedule-faxes can be scheduled to be sent at a later date
  • Fax Notification-from the FAXstf X Pro icon in the Dock you can quickly see how many unread faxes you have in your Inbox
  • Modem Detection-unfamiliar with modems? FAXstf X Pro will detect and configure any modem that also supports Mac OS 10.2

FAXstf X Pro also includes the many features that have made FAXstf X a favorite among Mac users, such as seamless integration with Mac OS X Address Book that allows users to manage all their contacts from one address book and an Aqua interface that mirrors email applications for familiar ease of use.

"Faxing is an important part of business communications, while businesses rely heavily on voice and email correspondence, business users continue to rely on fax communications to distribute key documents that may require a signature for approval or acceptance," said William W. Smith Jr., President and Chief Executive Officer of Smith Micro. "FAXstf X Pro is a seamless business productivity tool and our feature enhancements make it even easier for high-volume users to manage their faxing tasks. We designed a product that is robust while at the same time presents a new level of simplicity of use not found in any faxing product on the market today."

Robust Mac Integration
FAXstf X Pro carries on the tight integration with Mac OS X found in prior versions of FAXstf X. The solution not only permits background faxing to multiple recipients and supports the Mac OS X Address Book for easy single or group fax distribution.

The improved user interface and many new features are the kind of solution Mac business and home users expect to find in a Mac OS X only product. Fully compatible with the Apple internal modem and USB external modems that support Mac OS X, FAXstf X Pro operates with any Mac OS X document-based application including Microsoft Office X, PhotoShop 7 and Apple's iPhoto just to highlight a few.

Pricing and Availability
FAXstf X Pro is priced at $89.95 (MSRP), available from Apple, Apple retail stores, CompUSA and a variety of new upgrades options available for customers from Smith Micro at

About Smith Micro Software:

Smith Micro Software, Inc., headquartered in Aliso Viejo, CA, is a developer and marketer of wireless communication and utility software products for multiple OS platforms. The company designs integrated, cross platform, easy-to-use software for personal computing and business solutions around the world. With a focus on the Internet and Wireless and Broadband technologies, the company's products and services enable wireless communications, eCommerce, eBusiness, Internet communications (voice-over-IP), video conferencing, network fax, and traditional computer telephony. Smith Micro's complete line of products is available through original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), direct sales, retail stores, and value-added resellers (VARs). Smith Micro's common stock trades on The Nasdaq Stock Market® under the symbol SMSI. For more information, contact Smith Micro at (949) 362-5800.

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