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Smith Micro Announces WebDNA™ Enterprise Edition, Featuring Support for Web Services, Workgroup Content Management

Jan 07, 2003
Fifth Product in Company's WebDNA eBusiness Development Suite Builds on New 5.0 Version of the Leading Internet Application Engine

MOSCONE CENTER, BOOTH 611, SAN FRANCISCO - January 7, 2003 -- The Internet and Software Solutions Division of Smith Micro Software,Inc. (Nasdaq: SMSI), a developer and marketer of software solutions for the Internet development tools market, today unveiled WebDNA™ Enterprise Edition at Macworld Conference & Expo 2003. The fifth and final product in Smith Micro's WebDNA eBusiness Development Suite, WebDNA Enterprise Edition is a sophisticated website development application that leverages the power of XML-based web services to create uniquely valuable and robust corporate websites.

WebDNA Enterprise Edition takes full advantage of WebDNA Version 5.0, a new iteration of Smith Micro's Internet application generator. WebDNA has long been a favorite of eBusiness web developers for its ease of use, rapid learning curve, flexibility, performance, and support for multiple platforms including Mac, Windows, Unix, Linux, and Solaris. In addition to its prior benefits, Version 5.0 introduces XML document parsing and validation, XSLT translation, and XPath Query support, enabling developers to quickly and conveniently transfer XML-based data from virtually any file or application to a WebDNA database for web services use.

By supporting web services standards set by the World Wide Web Consortium (, a leading Internet standards organization sponsored by Microsoft, IBM, Sun Microsystems, and over 500 other tech firms, WebDNA Enterprise Edition allows quick creation of useful new services that are beyond the reach of single enterprises. WebDNA 5.0 introduces support for the UDDI, WSDL, and SOAP protocols necessary for interacting with web services on the Internet. For instance, an airline may share reservations information with a car rental company, allowing travelers to make coordinated reservations for air and ground transportation. Shopping sites can also use web services, in another example, to help customers choose their best shipping option by generating real-time comparisons of shipping costs from various carriers.

"WebDNA Enterprise Edition is a breakthrough for companies and organizations wishing to make the most of the potential of the Internet," said Chris Lippincott, general manager of Smith Micro's Internet Software and Solution division. "Enterprise Edition's Web Services Wizard allows developers to easily research, choose, and integrate new kinds of application services. What's more, Enterprise Edition helps manage the development process among programming teams-a real benefit when large website projects are underway."

Workgroup Content Management

WebDNA Enterprise Edition also helps workgroups organize and control the development process via its unique, browser-enabled Workgroup Content Management technology. Simply by accessing the Enterprise Edition's convenient browser interface, team members can determine code and document versions of ongoing projects. Website projects can be broken down into sub-project work areas, with workgroups assigned security privileges to specific work areas. Workers can also manage "check-in" and "check-out" of versions, ensuring that changes andadditions are coordinated among team members. As supervisors approve various submitted elements, emails are automatically sent to developers that notify them of the change.

Other convenient features include an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with the ability to build elements in one frame while viewing the finished product in another, launching "chat" frames to support real-time problem solving with co-workers, and built-in WebDNA tutorials that enable quick problem resolution.

Pricing and Availability

WebDNA Enterprise Edition will begin shipping early in 2003, and will be available for purchase direct from Smith Micro. Expected core price for Enterprise Edition will be $4,999.95, final price will vary by the customer's projected usage.

For more information about WebDNA Enterprise Edition, or any of the WebDNA eBusiness Development products, visit the Smith Micro exhibit at Macworld 2003, Booth 611, or log on to the Smith Micro corporate website at Interested parties can also go Smith Micro's developer resource center at

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