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  • Animation is not easy, but Anime Studio Pro goes a long way to make it easier.

    Micro Filmmaker Magazine
  • Stuffit has a lot of "nifty" (features) hidden just under the hood, and its compression is as good as its that of its competitors.

    PC World
  • Anime Studio Debut 6 helps you import photos, videos and scanned drawings, and includes its own library of ready-to-use content, including characters, props, action words, stock video, images and sound effects.

    Network World
  • I've always been a big fan of Anime Studio; while it may not get the attention that larger, more mainstream animation software packages receive, it offers many of the same tools (not to mention some unique features) at an affordable price.
  • Manga Studio is known around the comics professional world as the go-to comics art application. Those who master Manga Studio in their comics creation can often reap enormous timesaving and quality benefits.

    PC World
  • StuffIt Deluxe (SID) would be a charter member of the Macintosh software hall of fame if such a thing existed.

  • Manga EX was like manna from heaven. The precision is fantastic! The amount of time it takes me to ink is slashed in half. And I don't have to worry about the expense of ink supplies and paper. Just one inexpensive software program does everything.

    Tao of Guerra
  • The latest version, StuffIt Deluxe 2009 for Windows, lets you create StuffIt Droplets that can automate repetitive tasks, such as backing up data and attaching compressed files to e-mail.

    Gannett News Service
  • Whether you're a professional artist, or jut someone who likes to draw or paint for fun, ArtRage has something for everyone.

    Chip Chick
  • The newest version of software, Manga Studio 4 will offer us a larger, more comprehensive suite of screen tones, special effects, and some content that will help us to quickly illustrate our panels.

    Creative Mac