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  • "The average lifecycle of an app is two or three months. The average lifecycle of a phone is 12 to 24 months. But the average lifecycle of a car is five to 10 years," said Horvath. Automakers are trying to figure out how to "refresh a car, offer an updated experience," he said, adding that over-the-air updates, made possible through high-speed Long Term Evolution (LTE) connections, are an answer.

    Smith Micro in eWeek concerning Connected Cars
  • The ANDSF standard is intended to eliminate the need for users to manually discover and switch between available 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi networks based on network conditions and performance. It is an important building block for creating a seamless experience across heterogeneous networks for end users.

    RCR Wireless - Reader Forum
  • We spoke with David Sperling, chief technology officer at Smith Micro, a company responsible for much of the software that covers security and interoperability of devices that hook up to the Web. His take: 'This issue comes up every time we connect something new to the Web, and every time, we've solved it. There's always a risk that anything can be hacked, but cars are no different from phones or tablets.'

    Popular Mechanics - Every Car Can Be Connected to the Cloud
  • Smith Micro is helping these [rugged device] vendors make these [tablet] devices secure by providing IT shops with secure connections capabilities to ensure that first responders can transmit high value data securely.

  • Not many CEOs have been in charge of a company for 30 years, let alone a company in the rapidly changing technology industry. But there is Bill Smith, who came from Pittsburgh and started a software company in Orange County because he thought it would be fun. He always wanted to sell stuff and he certainly got to do that at Smith Micro.

    Orange County Register
  • If companies don't have even simple policies like lock codes on phones, "what happens when the employee leaves it in a bar and anyone can look at whatever sensitive information is on the emails?" says Douglas Louie, senior director of product marketing enterprise at Smith Micro Software Inc.

    Wall Street Journal
  • Mobile Network Director provides Sprint the ability to adjust network selection on subscribers' devices as they move between coverage areas, enabling automated and seamless transitions between networks.

  • The decision by Sprint [to select Mobile Network Director] comes at a time when traditional mobile carriers are finally beginning to embrace the coordination of mobile and Wi-Fi to relieve traffic congestion and peak-hour over-use on mobile networks with the help of Wi-Fi off-load scenarios.

  • [Mobile Network Director] gives greater visibility and more precise control over bandwidth usage across access technologies in home and business WiFi networks. Using operator-defined policies and real-time environmental factors, Mobile Network Director intelligently manages device radios to control traffic flow across networks. - Next Generation Communications
  • [Smith Micro] provides a unified approached to enterprise mobility, outfitting IT professionals with the tools they need to enforce policies essential to the privacy and security of any operation. - Mobile Device Management