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  • IT Business Edge: Use Mobile DNA to Build Better Relationships with Customers


    Wireless industry leader Smith Micro asserts that retailers must ask themselves how each individual consumer wishes to interact with them via their mobile device. Once brands evaluate preferences, circumstances, patterns and history over time, they begin to map their customers' unique mobile DNA and build a genuine, mutually beneficial relationship.

    The following are hypothetical scenarios that model ideal mobile marketing instances that successfully personalize their offerings and take a positive first step at mapping their customers' personal mobile DNA.

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  • Wi-Fi Now with Claus Hetting

    Claus Hetting of Wi-Fi Now interviews Carla Fitzgerald, CMO at Smith Micro, about Intelligent Wi-Fi Connectivity (starts at 14:14). Watch the interview.


  • E-Commerce Times - Gmail Blocking Tools Narrow Email Marketing Channel

    As the advertising landscape shifts, brands and retailers will have to adapt and get smarter, said Carla Fitzgerald, CMO of Smith Micro Software. They can't allow third parties to control their destiny. "Loyalty apps are the perfect place to start -- using smartphone intelligence to deliver highly personalized promotions based on consumer preferences, behavior and circumstances," she told the E-Commerce Times.

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  • Momentology: Mobile Engagement: Moving Beyond Location to Understand Consumer Context


    "By taking advantage of mobile-detected triggers and combining this information with purchase history and other customer data, businesses can, for the first time, create highly personalized marketing campaigns that engage consumers with the right information, offers, and/or mobile services, at the right time."

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  • Momentology - 5 Tips for A+ Back-to-School Marketing Campaigns

    “These are just a few of the ways in which retailers are harnessing proximity and mobile to drive closer engagement,” [Smith Micro CMO Carla] Fitzgerald said. “However, successful marketing campaigns must also consider their customers’ unique history, preferences and circumstances or they run the risk of being labeled as spam and losing a customer.”

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  • Street Fight Magazine - Geofencing at Events: How to Reach Potential Customers Live and On-Site


    “Brands must avoid discarding contextual cues that help them accurately discern an attendee’s purchasing preferences and intent,” says Carla Fitzgerald, CMO ofSmith Micro. “Integrating device analytics on loyalty apps, as a background service will give brands 10 or 20 times more audience coverage and a ton of insights to enhance their mobile strategy.”

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  • "Many of the largest retailers are deploying beacons and other location technologies to measure store visits and foot-traffic. However, without additional contextual cues, marketers cannot accurately discern a consumer’s intent to buy. In order to maximize mobile engagement, campaigns must be ultra-personalized, and that requires more mobile intelligence."

    Contextual Mobile Marketing: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

  • bnetTV speaks with Smith Micro Software's CMO Carla Fitzgerald at the 2015 Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona. Watch the interview.

  • "Built using award-winning animation software from Smith Micro, the new [Avatars] service, available to Sprint, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile USA customers with select Android smartphones and Visual Voicemail, offers a wide range of content from world-renowned digital artists, allowing users to express themselves through multiple personas."

    Sprint Adds ‘Character’ to Visual Voicemail with Avatars

  • "The typical tablet uses roughly 3.4 times more data traffic than a smartphone, and many employees are now accessing corporate networks on 3.5 devices simultaneously. Given the widespread availability of Wi-Fi hotspots and the proliferation of new connected devices, it’s time for the conversation to expand to include ‘Bring Your Own Network’ (BYON)."

    Smith Micro discussing BYON in Enterprise Mobility