SafePath Platform

SafePath is the most comprehensive mobile location and protection platform available, enabling carriers and cable operators to add value to their customers while growing revenue. SafePath addresses several next-generation use cases such as Family Location and Protection Services, Fleet Tracking, Corporate Device Management, and mobile device monitoring, management and control for Educational institutions.

SafePath Family

SafePath Family makes location tracking and parental controls easy for all family members. A cloud-based, full-featured platform, SafePath Family enables mobile operators to provide a comprehensive functionality to their subscribers such as real-time family location, easy-to-use parental controls, and support for wearables such as GPS wristwatches and backpack locators.

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SafePath Fleet

SafePath Fleet enables enterprises to use smartphones to easily track their distributed fleets and ensure safe driving practices with increased efficiencies. Key features include an easy-to-use fleet map to track vehicles in real-time; automatic alerts via geo-fences; panic alerts; event-driven check-ins, and customizable alerts to track and measure the efficiency and safety of each driver; with comprehensive fleet visualizations via drill-down dashboard.

SafePath Corporate

SafePath Corporate facilitates easy management of corporate devices and assets. Key features include a corporate device map to enable real-time device tracking, management of device alerts, control of application usage at specific locations; device management to configure policies for device groups or individual devices; phone security to find, ring, lock and wipe any employee device that is lost or stolen; and a usage dashboard to understand and monitor corporate device usage.

SafePath School

SafePath School enables educational institutions to regulate web and app access on all school phones and tablets. With the platform, schools can also deploy extra safety services that leverage the location sensors built-in to smartphones and tablets. Key features include complete app control, URL filtering, grouped device management and configuration, device/student mapping with location-based safety policies, phone security to find, ring, lock and wipe any device that is lost or stolen; and a configurable dashboard to monitor and analyze aggregated app and web usage.