Back to School Means Making Sure Kids are Safe and Secure


Back to School Means Making Sure Kids are Safe and Secure

August 8, 2019

With over 76 million kids headed back to school later this month, parents are on the hunt for ways to keep a watchful eye on their kids and make sure they’re making it to school and after school activities safely and being productive while there. Finding a locator and safety solution that is easy to use and that doesn’t make kids feel spied upon can be tricky. Many of the so called “family safety” apps on the market today promise users total peace of mind and a seamless experience, but end up falling flat due to limited features, buggy applications, and aggressive paywalls. This leaves customers disappointed and family safety compromised.

We believe family safety solutions should be simple, accessible, streamlined, and easy to integrate. That’s why we created SafePath® Family. SafePath Family is a white-label, comprehensive family safety solution designed to keep families safe while positioning Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) as solutions providers who address the challenges – and opportunities – presented by today’s family digital lifestyle. Let’s take a closer look at why SafePath Family can be touted as a necessary back to school tool for parents, and why you, the MNO, should be prepared to offer it.

A Parent’s New Best Friend

SafePath Family offers powerful and easy-to-use features that take the anxiety and worry out of back to school season and all the activities that take kids away from home. From content filtering and device protection to real-time location monitoring and emergency alerts, SafePath protects families inside and outside of the house. Check out this quick demo video to learn more and see these features in action. 

  • Locate loved ones on a smartphone or on the web in real time. This is a great feature for making sure kids arrived at school or at home.
  • Create safety zones for family members with Geo-Fencing features. Set up custom locations for home, school, and more.
  • Receive real time alerts when family members arrive or leave designated areas. Parents enjoy peace of mind knowing their child has arrived at school, left school, got to practice on time or arrived home at the end of the day.
  • Send an emergency family alert with an exact location to all family members.
  • Filter out unwanted or inappropriate content on web browsers with Content Protection.
  • Sometimes accidents happen. Phone Security features remotely find, ring, lock and even wipe devices if they become lost or stolen.
  • Keep children safe with GPS wristwatches that track their locations.

For Network Operators

Making the decision to offer SafePath Family to your customers opens a world of possibilities and builds a powerful subscriber base. The family safety and parental control market is expected to reach a value of over $9.5 billion by 2023. Adding new value-added services to your offering is an important decision, so let us explain why SafePath is a smart and profitable choice for your business.

  • Cloud Platform: Scale your offerings quickly with a cloud-based platform built on open standards. 
  • Telco Grade API’s: Straightforward implementation through a web services layer.
  • Easy Integration: Authentication, billing, provisioning, and even customer care are integrated seamlessly.
  • Lower Costs & Fast Deployment: Minimal costs of ownership, reduced risk, and quick go to market.
  • Reinforce Your Brand: SafePath is a fully white-labeled solution allowing you customize and position it to become an important extension of your brand.
  • Your Language: Customizable to any language, including right-to left.

To learn more about SafePath®  Family and our SafePath® Connected Life Platform, click here or request a demo today.