SafePath Family

SafePath Family makes location tracking and parental controls easy for all family members. A cloud-based, full-featured platform, SafePath Family enables mobile operators to provide a comprehensive functionality to their subscribers such as real-time family location, easy-to-use parental controls, and support for wearables such as GPS wristwatches and backpack locators.

Keeping Subscribers and Their Loved Ones Protected and Safe

SafePath Family speaks to one of the most pressing needs of our times, namely a tool to keep our loved ones safe. Wireless operators can now offer this solution to their subscribers who want to know that their children or elderly relatives are safe at all times. This, in turn, increases customer engagement and loyalty – a win-win.

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Comprehensive Family Location Services

  • Family Location: Locate your family on your smartphone or the web in real time.
  • Geo-Fencing: Create safety areas and be alerted when family members arrive or leave areas.
  • Panic Alert: Send an emergency alert with your location to all family phones.
  • Notifications: Receive notifications on any device, including smartwatches
  • Check-Ins: Enable users to check-in regularly with their family so that they can let others know where they are.

Parental Controls & Phone Security for Connected Families

  • Parental Controls: Restrict phone usage to family phone numbers and control when certain apps can be used
    • Manage the time children spend on apps
    • Let children ask for permission to use blocked apps for a certain period of time
    • Block installation of new apps on children’s’ phones
    • Restrict phone calls to your family phone numbers
    • Filter out unwanted or inappropriate content on web browsers
  • Phone Security: Find, ring, lock and wipe any family phone if lost or stolen

Ensure the Safety of All Family Members

  • Wearables: Keep children and elderly relatives safe with GPS wristwatches.
  • Pet Locator: Never lose a pet again with GPS-enabled location tracking.