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  • With Wi-Fi, operators must mind the gaps
    These gaps in user experience, security and back-end management can be overcome with specialized device software that supplements, enhances and, most importantly for operators, differentiates their experience in a Hotspot 2.0 world.

    RCR Wireless News: With Wi-Fi, operators must mind the gaps

  • industry-iot-altered-1078x516Device Management Challenges in the IIoT
    The main challenges associated with scaling and evolving connected systems revolve around managing complexity in an efficient manner; maintaining the flexibility to update and evolve connected systems as needs change and new devices are integrated; and controlling costs associated with bandwidth use and device/system maintenance.

    RCR Wireless News: Device management challenges in the industrial internet of things

  • Girl Shopping on Mobile PhoneView Mobile as a Relationship
    To create a mobile relationship, just like any other relationship, you need to listen. That means gathering intelligence about your customer that isn’t just based on historical behavior; it includes the here-and-now. By detecting and acting upon contextual mobile “cues” from each customer in real-time, such as proximity, dwell-time, device activity, and apps in use, businesses can deliver a personalized, and therefore memorable, mobile experience.

    VentureBeat - If you're treating mobile as a 'channel,' you're getting it all wrong