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  • “These are just a few of the ways in which retailers are harnessing proximity and mobile to drive closer engagement,” [Smith Micro CMO Carla] Fitzgerald said. “However, successful marketing campaigns must also consider their customers’ unique history, preferences and circumstances or they run the risk of being labeled as spam and losing a customer.”

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  • “Brands must avoid discarding contextual cues that help them accurately discern an attendee’s purchasing preferences and intent,” says Carla Fitzgerald, CMO ofSmith Micro. “Integrating device analytics on loyalty apps, as a background service will give brands 10 or 20 times more audience coverage and a ton of insights to enhance their mobile strategy.”

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  • "Many of the largest retailers are deploying beacons and other location technologies to measure store visits and foot-traffic. However, without additional contextual cues, marketers cannot accurately discern a consumer’s intent to buy. In order to maximize mobile engagement, campaigns must be ultra-personalized, and that requires more mobile intelligence."

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