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  • Rather than simply create a zip file, Stuffit enables you to streamline your workflow in one step...If you use large files a lot and send them to different places, then Stuffit may just well be indispensable.

    TechRadar UK
  • Smith Micro was seeking a creative environment with a highly skilled, hardworking talent pool, as well as access to a great university system rich in technology and innovation. Pittsburgh more than fulfills these requirements...

    Office of the Governor of Pennsylvania
  • Anime Studio Pro 7 lets you craft your own animation, bringing in enough physics and 3D technology to boggle the mind. But, what makes it work is that you don't notice all that stuff - you just get in there and do it.

    NBC Bay Area
  • We find Smith Micro showing continued revenue growth in an economy in which more famous rivals like Cisco and Microsoft posted revenue declines in the most recent quarter.

    The Motley Fool
  • Earnings come and go...yet its ability to generate cash remains the preeminent indicator of company's worth. In short, cash is king... We'll look at companies that have proven themselves prodigious generators of free cash flow (FCF) -- the amount of money a company has left over that it could potentially pay to its investors.

    The Motley Fool
  • StuffIt continues to provide best-in-class compression technology
  • Simply put, Poser 8 is the most comprehensive pre-built 3D character modeling solution available.

    Micro Filmmaker Magazine
  • Manga Studio is an all-inclusive software program that takes your manga projects from start to finish. Anime
  • Poser 8 offers a quick way to create and digitally shape humans, animals and entire scenes in 3D for use in creative software such as Photoshop, or as the basis for animatics for motion projects.

    Macworld UK
  • Few programs have a long a history as StuffIt Deluxe, the venerable compression and archiving utility now developed by Smith Micro, and the latest version, StuffIt Deluxe 2010, brings to the program a welcome integration with the Internet via the new StuffIt Connect service.