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  • Mobile Network Director provides Sprint the ability to adjust network selection on subscribers' devices as they move between coverage areas, enabling automated and seamless transitions between networks.

  • The decision by Sprint [to select Mobile Network Director] comes at a time when traditional mobile carriers are finally beginning to embrace the coordination of mobile and Wi-Fi to relieve traffic congestion and peak-hour over-use on mobile networks with the help of Wi-Fi off-load scenarios.

  • [Mobile Network Director] gives greater visibility and more precise control over bandwidth usage across access technologies in home and business WiFi networks. Using operator-defined policies and real-time environmental factors, Mobile Network Director intelligently manages device radios to control traffic flow across networks. - Next Generation Communications
  • [Smith Micro] provides a unified approached to enterprise mobility, outfitting IT professionals with the tools they need to enforce policies essential to the privacy and security of any operation. - Mobile Device Management
  • The rise of mobile communications and bandwidth-loving applications like video are creating new challenges for IT departments. That was the message from Skip Taylor, senior director of enterprise product management at Smith Micro Software, during this morning's "Managing the Mobile Workforce" session at ITEXPO East in Miami. - Policy Management
  • Matthews sees all kinds of room for expansion in the move to 4G wireless networks. Homes may become an opportunity, as carriers look to peddle faster wireless instead of wireline broadband. In public places, 4G could replace WiFi, and if so, carriers might need the company's software to manage the turning on and turning off of transient users as they sign up for day passes, monthly usage, etc.

  • Rather than simply create a zip file, Stuffit enables you to streamline your workflow in one step...If you use large files a lot and send them to different places, then Stuffit may just well be indispensable.

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  • Smith Micro was seeking a creative environment with a highly skilled, hardworking talent pool, as well as access to a great university system rich in technology and innovation. Pittsburgh more than fulfills these requirements...

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  • Anime Studio Pro 7 lets you craft your own animation, bringing in enough physics and 3D technology to boggle the mind. But, what makes it work is that you don't notice all that stuff - you just get in there and do it.

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  • We find Smith Micro showing continued revenue growth in an economy in which more famous rivals like Cisco and Microsoft posted revenue declines in the most recent quarter.

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