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  • back-to-school-175Personalizing the shopping experience is critical for brick-and-mortar stores looking to remain relevant in an increasingly competitive, highly digitized market. Integrating mobile into existing marketing initiatives can give retailers a significant edge over the competition. Mobile engagement done right can reinforce and extend customer loyalty far beyond what any technology has done before. Approaching mobile as a relationship, instead of a channel, won’t just benefit a brand’s back-to-school sales, it will grow the lifetime value of each customer.

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  • With Wi-Fi, operators must mind the gaps
    These gaps in user experience, security and back-end management can be overcome with specialized device software that supplements, enhances and, most importantly for operators, differentiates their experience in a Hotspot 2.0 world.

    RCR Wireless News: With Wi-Fi, operators must mind the gaps

  • industry-iot-altered-1078x516Device Management Challenges in the IIoT
    The main challenges associated with scaling and evolving connected systems revolve around managing complexity in an efficient manner; maintaining the flexibility to update and evolve connected systems as needs change and new devices are integrated; and controlling costs associated with bandwidth use and device/system maintenance.

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  • Girl Shopping on Mobile PhoneView Mobile as a Relationship
    To create a mobile relationship, just like any other relationship, you need to listen. That means gathering intelligence about your customer that isn’t just based on historical behavior; it includes the here-and-now. By detecting and acting upon contextual mobile “cues” from each customer in real-time, such as proximity, dwell-time, device activity, and apps in use, businesses can deliver a personalized, and therefore memorable, mobile experience.

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  • 9 Killer Location Features for Retailer Mobile Apps

    Background location detection "Don't require customers to open your app to receive benefits. Location detection and other contextual triggers can be implemented to run in the background so consumers can be notified of relevant offers proactively and at the right place or time. By adding device analytics to loyalty apps as a background service, just like mobile operators do, the analytics will run even when the app is shut, giving you 10X to 20X more audience coverage and a ton of insights that will help enhance your mobile strategy.

    Street Fight - 9 Killer Location Features for Retailer Mobile Apps

  • birdstep-logoThe [Birdstep] acquisition is a good fit because Smith Micro has a strong presence in North America and Birdstep gives it a bigger market presence in Asia Pacific and Europe, according to Carla Fitzgerald, chief marketing officer at Smith Micro. In fact, Birdstep has been its primary competitor in the area of policy-driven solutions for optimizing wireless networks.

    FierceWirelessTech - Smith Micro to acquire Birdstep's Sweden-based technology

  • The Smith Micro / Zonetail effort involves Zonetail bringing Smith Micro's NetWise Captivate to its own systems. With NetWise Captivate in place, Zonetail's “anchored local” platform will offer its users a better chance of making a connection with users thanks to predictive customer profiling systems as well as real-time context, providing a better look at what the customer is considering when examining hospitality functions.

    Smith Micro, Zonetail Combine for New Marketing Push in Hospitality

  • With its Netwise Captivate platform, Smith Micro sits at the intersection of two key telcomonetization opportunities that we have been tracking closely: TDaaS, or telecom data as service, and the offer-driven operator.

    451 Research Impact Report: Smith Micro: on-device policy key to operator TDaaS offers

  • forecasting-mobile-driving-store-salesSmith Micro, which provides retailers with software solutions designed to simplify the mobile experience, projects that building personal relationships through the device — and understanding how both past behavior and location inform shopping habits — is what brick-and-mortars need to “win out” over the likes of Amazon and convert showrooming into in-store purchases.

    GeoMarketing: Mobile Will Drive $689 Billion In Store Sales During 2016, Smith Micro Forecasts

  • “A customer’s mobile device isn’t a channel, it’s a relationship and it needs to be treated that way,” says Carla Fitzgerald, CMO at mobile solutions provider Smith Micro. “If you're always talking and never listening, observing and remembering what people like, what they do, and where they go, you won't keep relationships very long.” Apps need to be smarter, she adds, so they observe more than location. “You want to combine a series of events over time to really understand consumer context, preferences and intent,” she says. 

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