Smith Micro - Trust. Reliability. Experience.

About Smith Micro

Trust.  Reliability.  Experience.  Three words frequently touted, but seldom delivered. At Smith Micro Software, Inc., we make good on the promise. Trust, reliability and experience are core principles of our business.  With the proliferation of mobile broadband technology and the complex challenges of wireless connectivity in today’s increasingly demanding global environment, you need software solutions from a reliable provider with proven experience that you can trust.  We are committed to helping you thrive in a connected world. 

Software Solutions for a Complex Mobile World

Over the past 30+ years, Smith Micro has developed unparalleled expertise in embedded software for networked devices, policy-based management platforms, and highly-scalable mobile applications and hosted services - solving the most vexing of connectivity and mobile service challenges for our customers.

For network operators and organizations struggling to reduce costs and complexity in a fragmented, rapidly evolving mobile market, we offer proven solutions that increase reliability, security, and efficiency while accelerating time-to-market for mobile products and services.

Our portfolio of wireless solutions include a wide range of client and server applications that manage devices, communications and network connectivity for end-users, as well as Machine-to-Machine (M2M) endpoints - simplifying wireless connectivity to reduce support costs and increase accessibility. We optimize network and device resources for maximum performance and efficiency. And we enable a safe, productive mobile environment that meets enterprise and governmental standards for security, control and regulatory compliance. 

Supporting the Best and the Brightest

Our primary customers are the world’s leading wireless service providers, mobile device and chipset manufacturers, and enterprise businesses.  In addition to our wireless and mobility software, we offer personal productivity, graphics and animation products distributed through a variety of consumer channels worldwide. 

Evolving to Meet the Changing Demands of a Dynamic Marketplace

As technology, market dynamics, and consumer needs rapidly change, Smith Micro has repeatedly proven its ability to evolve and meet market demands.  Throughout our 30-plus-year history, we have relied on a combination of rigorous market analysis and planning, technology innovation that leverages substantial intellectual property, leadership in industry standards, quality engineering, and extensive commercial deployment experience to develop and deliver products and services that improve the user experience and optimize resources for our customers.

We were incorporated in California in November 1982, and we reincorporated in Delaware in June 1995. Our headquarters is located at 51 Columbia, Aliso Viejo, California, 92656.  We can be reached at (949) 362-5800. We are a public company traded on the NASDAQ Exchange under the symbol SMSI.  SEC filings are available on the Investor Relations pages of this site.