Company Overview

Smith Micro (NASDAQ: SMSI) develops software to simplify and enhance the mobile experience, providing solutions to leading wireless service providers, device manufacturers, and enterprise businesses around the world. From optimizing wireless networks to uncovering customer experience insights, and from streamlining Wi-Fi access to ensuring family safety, our solutions enrich connected lifestyles while creating new opportunities to engage consumers via smartphones. We also provide a comprehensive services platform that enables comprehensive device management and firmware over-the-air (“FOTA”) updates in the rapidly expanding Internet of Things (“IoT”). In addition, Smith Micro’s portfolio includes a wide range of products for creating, sharing, and monetizing rich content, such as visual messaging and 2D/3D graphics applications. With this as a focus, it is Smith Micro’s mission to help our customers thrive in a connected world.

Wireless Solutions for Connected Lifestyles

Over the past 35 years, Smith Micro has developed deep expertise in embedded software for networked devices, policy-based management platforms, and highly scalable mobile applications and hosted services. To help our customers – and their customers – thrive in a connected world, the company offers solutions designed to improve wireless Quality of Experience, reduce costs and complexity, and build valuable mobile relationships between businesses and consumers. Our wireless portfolio includes:

SafePath® – a mobile app and cloud management platform that uses location services, device controls, and web filtering to help families, enterprises, schools, and fleets locate mobile users and monitor and control mobile device activity.

QuickLink® IoT – a services platform for the Internet of Things that provides standards-based and comprehensive device management and over-the-air (OTA) update functionality.

NetWise® – a policy-on-device platform for optimizing data traffic, controlling device behavior, and mobile subscriber lifecycle management to improve the wireless Quality of Experience for mobile consumers.

CommSuite® – premium voice, messaging, and video services that allow wireless operators and enterprises to enhance voicemail and messaging for mobile subscribers, while transforming a legacy cost center into a profit center via proven monetization strategies.

Captivate™ – a mobile lifestyle engagement platform that leverages the built-in power of smartphones and Big Data analytics to enable actionable consumer insights and real-time, contextual mobile advertising and promotions.

Award-winning Graphics Solutions for Animation and Illustration

In addition to its wireless portfolio, Smith Micro develops market-leading and affordable software for graphics animation and illustration. The company’s graphics portfolio includes Poser®, a professional solution for 3D Figure Design and Animation; Moho® (formerly Anime Studio®), a complete solution for 2D animation; and MotionArtist® an easy-to-use tool for comic animation and powerful presentation design. These programs are used by professional artists, major entertainment studios, and world-renowned artists and graphics firms to create award-winning movies, television shows, TV advertising, internet media content, 3D gaming, and visual designs.

Why Smith Micro?

For more than 35 years, Smith Micro has provided software solutions for global businesses, evolving with the Telecom industry through the Internet age. Today, the company develops standards-based software that is extensible, interoperable, and scalable to meet the most dynamic and demanding mobile environments. When your business needs a partner to address wireless and mobility challenges, consider the benefits of working with an industry veteran:

  • Broad Portfolio – Smith Micro provides market-leading solutions for wireless connectivity and analytics, device/policy management, mobile engagement and consumer insights, family location and protection services, voice/video communications, and 2D/3D animated content.
  • Deep Expertise – In creating solutions for our global customers, Smith Micro has acquired unmatched expertise in heterogeneous networks, numerous mobile platforms and operating systems, highly scalable architectures, and mobile industry standards.
  • Industry-proven – Many of the leading mobile network operators, Cable/MSOs, device & chipset manufacturers, enterprises, and public sector organizations have deployed our solutions. Smith Micro’s software solutions runs on 100s of millions of mobile devices around the world.

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